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You leave the salon with that fabulous new hair color and you feel on top of the world. Now, how do you keep it looking great? Here are a few tips to do just that.

Watch the Water:  Believe it or not, the worst thing for your new color is water. Minimize the time your hair is in the water and keep the color longer. When you are in the shower, try and stay out of the water unless rinsing.

Keep the temperature on the cool side when you are in the shower or bath. Hotter water tends to increase the elasticity of your hair allowing those precious pigments to escape resulting in fading color.

Pool water and salt water will both fade your hair color. If you are going to be in the water, try and wear a swim cap to keep the hair high and dry. If you must get your hair in the pool or ocean, run a deep conditioner through your hair before you take that dive. It will help to protect the cuticle and therefore your color.

Shun the Sun: You know that exposure to the sun is bad for your skin. It’s bad for your hair too. Be sure to choose a product that contains an SPF product. This will not only protect your color, it will protect your hair in general.

Careful Cleaning:  Shampoo is washing away more than dirt. It is washing away your color as well. The shampoo makes the strands swell which in turn releases the pigment so your gorgeous new color goes down the drain. Consider washing your hair every other day (longer if your hair tends to take longer to become greasy). When you do wash, always use a shampoo and conditioner that protect your color. For the best results, try a color depositing shampoo.

Proactive Products:  Hair styling products can help your hair, but they can hurt as well. Always read the ingredients on the label of your favorite products. If alcohol is one of the first five things listed, you are hurting your color. Look for products that are made to protect your color.

Rethink Red:  If you want to go red, think carefully. It is the hardest color to keep. The red pigment molecules are larger than brown or black and it is more unstable losing to a quicker color loss. If you want to try a red hot color, then you will need to be extra careful to keep the color fresh.

Change a few habits and maybe a product or two and you can keep your color longer between salon visits.

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