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How to Have Younger Looking Eyes

When we age, the skin around our eyes becomes thicker and is more prone to sag than any other spot on our body.  However, there is no need to fret because there is great news.  The top layer of skin cells are always falling off and new ones are coming to the surface to replace them.  What this means is that with some easy to follow tips, you can actually reduce any damage that may have already been done to the skin around your eyes.

Get Rid of Dark Circles

After the age of 40, skin begins to lose elasticity and becomes extremely thin.  This can make it appear tired looking and also lets the blood vessels of your skin shine through, ultimately making any discoloration worse.  By using concealer, this will lighten any dark circles you may have, as well as make your eyelids look lifted. Concealer also gives your face an overall glow.  To use concealer:

  • Use a yellow based concealer which is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.
  • Choose a concealer brush with a very small head and apply dots that run along the lower part of your eyelashes and ends at the corner of your eye as well as the bridge of your nose.  If you don’t have a concealer brush, you can use your ring finger to apply the concealer. Blend concealer gently into your skin.
  • Apply a light dusting of sheer, loose powder over the concealer.  This will set the concealer so that it stays in place.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The majority of people need at least six to eight hours of sleep every night.  If you are getting less sleep than that, you are making yourself look older than you really are.  Do not sleep flat on your back and use two or three pillows so your head is elevated.  This will prevent fluid from accumulating around your eyes.

Use Retinol At Night

Retinol eye cream contains a primary ingredient called retinol which stimulates the production of collagen and also reduces wrinkles.  Preferably, you should use a cream that comes in an aluminum tube.  This is because the aluminum keeps the retinol in the cream strong.  Some creams also have Vitamin K along with the retinol.  This combination works ideal for dark circles under your eyes.

Color Your Brows

If you have eyebrows that are light and thin, they can actually make your eyes look old and tired.  There are steps you can take however, to be sure that you have full arches.

  • Gently tighten your skin with one hand so you have a smooth surface.
  • Using a stiff brush made for eyebrows that is angled, apply brow powder in the same direction that your eyebrow hairs are naturally growing.  Be sure that you are using light strokes to apply the powder.  Focus on the areas that are most sparse.
  • Afterwards, use a clean and unused mascara wand to brush your eyebrow hairs up and outwards.  What this will do is not only get rid of any excess powder, but it also blends the powder into your eyebrows.

Consume Alcohol in Moderation

While a night out on the town with your friends may be fun, it does not do so well for your eyes.   Excess drinking will cause you to have bags under your eyes and dark circles as well.  Save those youthful eyes by drinking no more than one drink per day.

Home Remedies to the Rescue

There are several reasons you could have puffy, tired eyes that are making you look a bit older than you really are.  Maybe you watched a touching love story last night or it is spring and the pollen count is sky high.  The best thing you can do is to lie down with something cool on your eyes.  A frozen bag of peas or cucumber slices both work great.

Caffeine For Your Eyes

Tea bags are the perfect thing to wake up your tired and puffy looking eyes.  The caffeine that is in the tea bags actually helps to reduce the dark blood vessels and it also gets out a bit of the liquid that causes the puffiness.  In order to get the best effect, soak the tea bags in hot water for two minutes and then transfer them to a bowl of ice water for five seconds.  Apply the tea bags to your eyes for 20 minutes.

Choose the Best Eye Makeup

In order to hide tired eyes, stay away from eye makeup that is dark, shimmery or bright.  Instead, you want to choose a matte eye shadow which is just a shade darker than your skin tone.  To apply it, sweep it over your eyelids as well as along your lower eyelashes.

As women, we always want to look our best and younger eyes is certainly a part of the plan.  We have also included some great Amazon products below for you to take a look at, they are highly recommended by several in the industry.



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