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Home Beauty The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

We all love a versatile product. Anything that can kill two birds with one stone is worth a buy in my book. This product however, can kill lots of birds. Its super cheap and you can use it for almost anything. Here are some of the many uses of coconut oil. You are going to want to pick some up after reading this.

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is an awesome makeup remover. It is usually a solid at room temperature, so just warm it up in your hands and massage into your skin to get rid of even the toughest makeup. Rinse your face afterwards and there you have it. It’s safe to use on your eyes, so this will work for eye makeup and even waterproof mascara. It’s also amazing for your skin, so you will be removing your makeup AND moisturizing your skin all in one go.

DIY Scrubs

You can use coconut oil to make your own body, face, and lip scrubs. For a body scrub, melt ½ cup of coconut oil at low heat, then mix in 1 cup of coarse sugar. Add a few drops of essential oils (optional) and there you go. Your own personalized body scrub. It will exfoliate, moisturize, and leave your skin smelling amazing. Play around with the ratios and use it for your lips as well.

Hair Mask

Coconut oil can do amazing things for your hair as well. You can use it as a deep conditioning treatment, or even just use a small amount to tame those wild fly away hairs and frizz. Just take a small amount through the lengths and ends of your hair to get rid of frizz and smooth your hair. As a hair mask, depending on how much hair you have, melt about 2 tablespoons in a bowl and simply apply to your hair and comb it through. You can leave it in as long as you’d like whether it be 30 minutes, or overnight. The longer you leave it in, the softer your hair will be. This will also make your hairy nice and shiny. and fight dandruff.   

Mouth Wash

Swishing coconut oil, or really any organic vegetable oil, around your mouth can pull bacteria, even disease causing bacteria, from your mouth. This is called “Oil Pulling”. Oil pulling produces antioxidants which kill bad microorganisms. Just swish some around in your mouth for a few minutes and spit it out in your trash can. Try not to spit coconut oil in your sink, as it can clog your pipes. Rinse with water afterward and you’re done. Remember that swishing with coconut oil can not take the place of your toothbrush or floss.

Lotion and Shaving Cream

Coconut oil is naturally hydrating. You can use it to replace your everyday moisturizer and shaving cream. It will leave your skin looking healthy and hydrated, without ever looking greasy. Use it as a shaving cream to leave your legs silky smooth and nourished. Check out our article titled “This New Shaving Technique is a Game Changer” to find out how to make your own coconut oil leg scrub for shaving.

Doggie Pedicure

Even dogs need a little pampering sometimes, and this stuff is good for that too. Its 100% safe for animals, and it’s even safe for them to ingest. So don’t worry about it harming your dog if they lick it off. Use coconut oil on the bottom of your dog’s paws if they are feeling dry or cracked. It will act as both an antiseptic and a moisturizer to help your furry friend’s paw pads heal.

Versatility is great, especially in your beauty products. There are so many other uses for coconut oil, especially when cooking. You can get a large jar of this stuff for insanely cheap, so it’s definitely worth a try. If you don’t like it, you only spent 2 bucks on it, so you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Go grab a jar and find out what this stuff can do.

Marina Burks
Marina Burks
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