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To Wear or Not to Wear

There is something liberating about freeing yourself. You get a sense of ownership that wasn’t really there before. Putting yourself in control! That’s what I felt when I decided to forego makeup years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a simple liner and some mascara, but since the change, I’ve discovered things about my skin that I didn’t know before. I didn’t have problems with acne growing up and I have always hated the way my makeup felt. It was heavy and cakey, especially back then. I also struggled with matching my skin tone. I stopped wearing make-up all together because I was teaching myself to accept my whole being. I was learning to love who I was. I struggled with outside acceptance. All these girls around me telling me that I had to wear makeup, really wore me down. I felt insecure and unworthy unless I brought myself up to their standards. I spoke with several women over the weekend and got their take on why they don’t wear make-up. I also got the chance to speak to a local dermatologist to ask her how make-up has changed in the last few decades, and what she recommends.

Women have a voice about it, and here’s what a few have to say:

“ I never have for real! I will put on tinted moisturizer and lipstick for dates or going out, but, I have never really cared for it” Amber said.

“I do my eyebrows, wear mascara and eyeliner but no foundation. I can’t ever find my tone and it always oxidizes. Plus the weather gets too hot!” Jay K. says

“ I choose not to wear make up most days because I simply don’t have time to put it on. Mainly because it’s better for my skin not to wear it. Plus I like the way I look without it! And on the days that I do wear makeup, I keep it minimal to accentuate.” Sarah B said.

“ I look good without it.” Jennifer C. said.

“I choose to wear makeup most days because I just prefer the way I look, but I do it for myself and if I don’t feel like wearing it I don’t” Rachel added.

“Same! I do it for myself. Always have loved it!” Jennifer W. agrees

“I hate the idea of the chemicals on my skin.” Maja says

Daria added “I’ve never been good at applying makeup, never, that’s the real reason and I even worked for a cosmetic company! As I’ve gotten older I find it more difficult to wear eye make up. I wish it had more to do with feeling naturally beautiful!”

The majority is in! Most everybody said it’s easier to get ready, extra sleep and/or the weather. We all do agree that we enjoy the bare minimum, to accentuate some facial features.

What the doctor has to say

When I spoke to the dermatologist, she said she enjoys wearing makeup for personal reasons. It makes her feel good, but she also advises some patients not to wear heavy makeup since it can clog pores.

Makeup has changed over the last 2 decades and it seems promising. “Makeup has really improved, even over the last five years,” she added. If you think about it, they have all different types with sunscreen added, oil-free products and some even help with outbreaks or reduce the number of outbreaks. She highly suggested that we use oil-free products as part of our skincare routine. Always wash your face twice a day and moisturize with alcohol-free products. I had to ask what she recommended for wrinkles, and her quick response really said a lot! She said retinol and anything with Vitamin A is the key to stopping wrinkles and, for the best results, she recommends to start using them in your 20’s.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with choosing to not wear makeup. Whether it’s absolutely none, to the bare minimum, or overall coverage, let’s lift other women up instead of tearing them down for something that they decide is best for them. We can help each other relieve the pressure of society’s expectations.

Christina Warner
Stay at home mom for 3 rowdy kids and a lizard! I enjoy writing and doing crafts in my spare time. I always follow the stars to guide my journey!


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