Saturday , 20 December 2014
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The Most Popular Halloween Outfits for Kids


Every year children all over the United States take the time to determine what costume they will be wearing that year for Halloween. Yahoo recently released a list of the most searched for Halloween costumes this year and not surprisingly the costume that topped the list is a Ninja Turtle costume most likely due to the resurgence of the Teenage ... Read More »

20 Unexpected Ways You Can Use Olive Oil


We are all on the search for the best products to give us that healthy glow but how many of you have thought to simply look right in your own kitchen for a product that can both improve your skin as well as your mind. I’m talking about good ole Olive Oil. For hundreds of years olive oil has been ... Read More »

Time Sneaks: 5 Tricks and 1 Basic Approach

clocks with water drop

Convert Small Time Wasters into Meaningful Time We have the luxury of living in an age that saves us time everywhere we look compared to say, the days of Little House on the Prairie, not to mention the centuries prior to what Laura Ingalls and her family must have thought was a marvelously modern time in history. (What would they ... Read More »

Think Mindful Meditation Isn’t For You? 10 Ways it can Change Your Life!


The Power of Awareness Although the practice of mindful meditation or mindful awareness is thousands of years old, interest has been exploding in recent years. The field of neuroscience is rigorously studying the practice and effects of mindful mediation, and the news is overwhelmingly positive: There are proven benefits for countless areas of our lives, and in fact over time ... Read More »