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Our Top Halloween Movie Picks

My most favorite time of the year, Halloween. It’s right around the corner and if you’re anything like me you start early. We throw up the decorations in September. Yeah, you read that right. September.  I love the spooky atmosphere, the thrills, chills and frightening good times. We celebrate so early because we can’t fit everything we love into just one month!
Here at The Classy Housewife, we love Halloween too! The owner Shawn Lindsey is also a movie producer, who specializes in horror! We are from Bowling Green, Kentucky where Halloween is anticipated just as much as Christmas. It’s exciting for the kids because we have Pumpkin Alley, a safe area where families get together to trick-or-treat. Pumpkin Alley is a community event! If you move into the neighborhood you had better love Halloween! 

The Halloween Spirit 

Halloween is extra special for the adults from Bowling Green! If you have seen the movie “Halloween” By John Carpenter then you know why, if not, I’ll fill you in on the details. John Carpenter is a screenwriter and filmmaker from Bowling Green, KY. He attended Western Kentucky University as well. Carpenter stated in an interview from 2010, the scenery of the movie was based on his childhood, growing up in our small town.
  “It had a bleakness to it, there was nobody around.” He described. And he was right! This is exactly how it was during his time. I remember my grandfather saying how he enjoyed this small-town life for that very reason. It adds a bit more to our Halloween atmosphere here in Bowling Green. He actually references us in his movies! If you ever get a chance to hit up Vette City Con you just might catch Tony Moran, the first person that was cast for Halloween in 1978.

Our Top Picks

I asked around the office to hear what our crew had to say about their Halloween picks. What better way to really get into the spirit than with movies! 

1.) Halloween: Our obvious top pick here! Imagine running away from the killer and he’s at every turn. You can run but you can’t hide with this flick. 

Farrah Lee (staff writer) 

“The classic Halloween vibes and small town portrayed in the movie makes this horror film both terrifying and nostalgic. Micheal Myers was the original boogeyman that continues to give us chills today”

 Her husband, Ben Lee adds 

“Sleepaway camp was the first horror flick with the big twist ending. It was revolutionary and so satisfying” 

Definitely worth checking out, if you’ve never seen it! 

 2.)The Evil Dead: Sticking to the classics! This movie is my go-to every fall season. The whole trilogy is good for a movie night binge. This was a turning point in the movie industry. Before “The Evil Dead,” movies weren’t gory and bloody. They pioneered the way horror movies were made. I would not recommend this to those who can’t handle gore. This campy film will most definitely keep you on the edge of your seat while also bringing out a few laughs. 

 3.)Hocus Pocus: A great film to bring the whole family into the Halloween spirit! This is one film that we all remember from our childhood for sure. 

Shawn Lindsey  (Owner here at The Classy Housewife) says “You HAVE to watch Hocus Pocus every year, or you’re just not human!” I agree! This is by far a classic Halloween special!

4.) The Nightmare Before Christmas: Another family favorite, that’s perfect for both Halloween and Christmas. Enjoyed by both parents and kids, this film will have you singing right from the start! It just oozes nostalgia. Watch out for the boogie man.

5.) Halloweentown: Disney knows how to do Halloween movies for sure! Immerse yourself in the world of all things Halloween. This would be the place Jack The Pumpkin king calls home!

Robin Mclean (Writer and contributor) “I’d say that it’s a good family night movie. It’s not too scary for the little kids but has enough to keep the older kids interested and as a parent’ I enjoy it” 

I agree, this movie really brings Halloween to life. It really had me wishing that Halloweentown was a real place to visit.

Grab your popcorn and snacks and have a movie marathon!  Enjoy the chills thrills and haunted houses this year. 

Christina Warner
Stay at home mom for 3 rowdy kids and a lizard! I enjoy writing and doing crafts in my spare time. I always follow the stars to guide my journey!


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