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The Hollywood Celebrities With Their Own Jewelry Lines

Celebrities these days don’t like to stop at starring in movies, making records or hosting TV shows, and like to diversify into all kinds of other business areas. Some stars now have their own perfumes, clothing, skincare products and even hair extension lines, and of course, another area where popular celebrities like to dabble is in jewelry design.

Whether it’s high end, top class jewelry pieces with diamonds and other precious stones or fun, accessible pieces for their younger fans, actresses, singers and socialites with their own jewelry collections are big news. Here are just a few of the stars who have launched jewelry lines:

Paris Hilton

Best known simply for being rich, and perhaps for certain leaked video footage, there are few areas of the celebrity world Paris Hilton hasn’t tried to break into. She has appeared in several movies (none of which were all that successful), launched a pop career, and of course starred alongside on and off best friend Nicole Richie in many, many seasons of The Simple Life, a show where the two rich girls had to experience country life. She has also launched her own ranges of just about everything, including hair pieces, fragrances, and her jewelry and watch line.

Paris’s jewelry is young, fun and reasonably priced, and aimed at the teen market. With plenty of her favorite color, pink, and lots of sparkle, she has produced a range that looks pretty much how you might expect something created by Paris Hilton might look.

Kate Hudson

While her movie career has never quite hit the heights some expected her to, as daughter of eighties movie icon Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson is a likeable star with plenty of fans. She also has her own line of jewelry named Chrome Hearts. Aimed at a more sophisticated audience than Paris Hilton’s line, Kate has overseen the design of a range that uses luxurious materials like diamonds, aquamarine, turquoise, gold and silver in statement styles that are wearable and attractive.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is possibly one of the most famous women in the world, known for her beauty, her illustrious acting career, her marriage to most women’s dream man in Brad Pitt, and of course her humanitarian work. It seems that when she isn’t filming or looking after her numerous children, she manages to find time to have her own jewelry collection too, and as you might expect from something connected with Jolie, it is beautiful, expensive, and ethically sourced. Jewelry design king Robert Procorp worked with Angelina to create the collection that bears her name (and her famous face, on the marketing materials), and it is a high end range that includes classic, elegant styles in precious metals with decadent stones like emeralds, rubies and diamonds.

If you are looking for some jewelry that will make you feel like you are ready for the red carpet, or you want to capture the spirit of one of these famous women next time you hit the town, then why not check out their jewelry ranges to see if there is anything that tickles your fancy. You may be pleasantly surprised!

 The author of this post, Josh Ferdinand, enjoys writing blog articles on fashion and design topics. He works as a jewelry designer and likes to create aesthetic designs to suit all ages.


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