Top 7 General Tips To Take Care Of Your Valuable Jewelry


If you have invested in a piece of good quality jewelry, you need to take good care of it so that it can last a long time. Yes, fine jewelry is crafted and designed to last a lifetime but for this to happen, you have to take good care of it too. There is a lot of information about taking care of different types of jewelry and you need to learn the maintenance tips any time you buy new pieces. There are, however, general tips that will work for almost all types of jewelry.

Proper storage

It is very important to store your precious jewelry in a place that is both clean and dry. Humidity and high temperatures can affect the quality of your jewelry and can cause damage. It is a good idea to invest in a jewelry case that is lined with fabric, wherein to store your pieces. Look for a case with different compartments or dividers to keep the different pieces separate. You can also use any normal box and wrap all the pieces separately using tissue paper. You should avoid stashing all your jewelry pieces together as this can lead to scratching.

Washing your hands

It is a good idea to remove your jewelry when washing your hands. You can ensure that your precious diamond ring maintains its beautiful look for a long time by reducing its contact with water and soap. When you remove your ring to wash your hands, be careful where you place it. The last thing you need is for the ring to end up down the drain. Remember to remove the ring and place it in your bag before you get a manicure. You should always remove your diamond jewelry before you go swimming in a chlorinated pool and before you enter a hot tub.

Professional care

You need to visit your jeweler for professional cleaning of the jewelry, and also to check for wear, worn mountings and loose prongs. An annual visit to the jeweler will help to ensure that you keep your valuable pieces in good condition. The professionals have the best cleaning methods as they use machines that clean the jewelry within minutes, leaving it looking as good as new. The ultrasonic cleaners are very effective, but they can only be used for certain types of jewelry.

Removing rings when doing chores

Always remove your diamond ring before you do your household chores. Diamonds may be durable, but it is not a good idea to expose them to the harsh cleaning detergents. You can also avoid chips that can occur due to sudden sharp blows when you are moving heavy furniture pieces. When you get into the habit of removing your rings before you work, you can keep your jewelry in good condition for a long time and avoid dirt build up.

Applying creams and lotions

You should get into the habit of putting on your jewelry after you have finished dressing. When you apply oils and lotion without removing your rings, the jewelry will be smudged and lose its brilliance. Any harsh products can also damage the metal. Take the time to wipe the oils off the jewelry using a soft clean cloth to ensure that they reflect maximum light.

Cleaning the jewelry

You can use a commercial jewelry cleaner to keep your pieces looking beautiful at all times. You can also use warm soapy water or a solution of water with ammonia. Use a soft brush to remove all the dirt and the oil under the setting. If you have antique jewelry, it is a good idea to consult a jeweler before you attempt cleaning. You should avoid using water when cleaning pearls and other beaded jewelry and you should never use abrasive cleaners on your jewelry.

Insure your jewelry

It is advisable to get insurance for your valuable jewelry. This will help you to get cover in case of theft or damage. A detailed insurance valuation is necessary in order to ensure that you get the best insurance coverage. A professional valuation will include sketches of the pieces along with the value. Safe storage of the valuable jewelry will help to ensure that you protect your property.

If you are in doubt about taking care of your jewelry, make sure that you seek professional advice. For example, you should avoid constantly touching your diamonds, as the oil from your fingers will leave the stone looking dull. Always handle jewelry by the edges to reduce contact.

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