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Shoe Malfunction! How to Save Your Feet from Your Shoes

Ladies, we all love our shoes. But sometimes our shoes don’t seem to love us back. It has been a saying for generations, being beautiful hurts. Pinching, rubbing shoes have always been a part of the pain we endure to be fashionable. Sometimes we even leave our dearly beloved heels at home because we just can’t take any more right then. But what if you could make your shoes more comfortable? I know I would wear those heels way more often.

  1. Tight Straps – I love a good pair of Mary Jane style high-heels, but that strap isn’t always adjustable, and sometimes it’s just plain uncomfortable. So long as they are real leather, try a spritz of water. Simple H2O will help the leather stretch and mold to the shape of your foot lessening any pinching and rubbing. This works with the whole shoe, not just the straps. Spritz lightly with water on the areas that need some adjustment and wear around the house until dry.
  2. Blisters – A woman’s worst nightmare. Blisters on the balls of your feet or back of your heels can make any shoe painful to wear, not just the pretty ones that gave them to you. Try some moleskin foam to line your shoes. It makes a great sole replacement that provides cushion and absorbs the friction that causes blistering.
  3. Sweaty Feet – This problem causes so many more. Your feet start to sweat, you slide around in your shoes, and you get blisters… Yuck. Ultimately this is usually caused by shoes that are a little too small. Prime shopping tip, buy your shoes after you’ve been on your feet all day when they are the biggest. Yeah that might sound bad, but our feet take a lot of pounding during the day, towards the end they may be a little swollen. If you need your heels to fit and be comfortable for a lot of standing, this is when they need to fit. If fit isn’t your problem, the material probably is. Match your materials to the seasons, patent leather makes a bad summer shoe, and canvas a bad winter shoe. Wear cotton socks, they even make toe-less ones, to help wick moisture away from your feet. Also, for fabric inners, dust them with a light coat of baby or talcum powder.
  4. Cuts – this problem is usually caused by shoes that are actually too big. Your feet slide around and come out of the heel of the shoe leading to cuts on your heel. Try that moleskin again, or add a heel cushion that will pad your shoe a little and help them fit more snugly.
  5. Calluses – How yuck. Calluses hurt for one, especially when they tend to break open during cold months, and they make wearing sandals dreadful. Avoid wearing shoes that are too narrow or small and wear socks or tights with your shoes. Calluses are caused by friction and blisters over time, so avoid those and you can avoid the callus. Moisturize your feet often, and use a pumice stone to slough off the dead skin when needed.

Wearing heels does not have to be a chore. Put a little more effort into finding what really fits in the beginning and before you take them out on the town make your edits. A little H2O, some moleskin, heel pads, whatever you need. Your feet will thank you, and you might even get the pride of being the only girl left with those stunning heels on at the end of a night out dancing!


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