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The Perfect Black Outfit

It is commonly known that black is a flattering color for women that also provides a slimming effect. So, it makes sense that many women have filled their closets and wardrobes with black blouses, skirts, pants, etc. Since black is a neutral color, it seems to go well with almost any color pairings, but there are a few exceptions that every woman should be aware of.


If your slacks are black, you can wear almost any color and style of top that you would like. Gray and white are two colors that naturally go with black pants. You can also wear a bright and colorful shirt, or any type of shirt that also has a pattern. One rule to always remember, though, is that navy blue tops do not go with black slacks. The deep blue color clashes with the bold black color of the pants, and may seem as though you were attempting an “all black” outfit and accidentally grabbed the blue shirt. Another colored top that you shouldn’t pair with black slacks is brown. It has a similar effect as the navy blue/black combination, although not as much. Some fun colored tops that you could try to pair with your black pants would be purple, red, or creamy beige.


Every woman has a favorite black top! Similar to their “little black dress”, that perfect black blouse is a favorite for a reason: it could have spaghetti straps that complement your beautiful arms, form-fitting to show off that newly toned stomach, flowing and airy, or just simply comfortable. What to wear with that blouse, though? For a day of lounging at home or running errands, wearing a simple, comfortable pair of blue jeans is perfect. Or, for a night out on a romantic date or with friends, a beige or grey skirt matches beautifully. As with black pants, though, you shouldn’t pair a black top with navy blue colored bottoms. It gives off a mismatched effect because the two colors are both dark, so they clash. Unlike pairing a brown top and black pants, though, the two colors match nicely when reversed. Deep brown pants or a skirt appear quite classy when paired with a black blouse or tank top.

It seems as though you could grab a black top or pants, and then close your eyes and pick out another clothing item at random, and the two will match. While black is so versatile and can be paired with almost any color on the color wheel, there are two exceptions to this rule: navy blue and brown. Navy blue should never be worn with black, and you should try to avoid a brown shirt (and shoes!) when wearing black pants.


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