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Three Fashion Staples that Look Great on Any Figure

Looking fashionable is a priority for every woman. Stay-at-home-moms are no different. They just have a few added considerations. Most mothers have three main concerns when it comes to fashion. They worry about fit and functionality. Moms are also concerned with staying contemporary. Moms, you don’t have to look frumpy. Why reach for those sweats when you can look fashionable and fresh? Here are three style essentials that every classy mom swears by.

Wrap Dresses: A Mom’s Best Friend

The truth is motherhood changes your body. Don’t be fooled by the Hollywood starlets. Not everybody bounces back in a week. That doesn’t mean that you have to regulate your wardrobe to drab colors and oversized shirts. If you are looking for a little pizazz, try a wrap dress. Wrap dresses are easy to accessorize around. They work on every figure and are a great way to start incorporating some color back into your wardrobe. Wrap dresses cling to all the right places, while simultaneously diminishing areas wearers want to avoid. For example, a lot of mothers have tummy issues after birth. Wrap dresses tuck in around the waist then skim over problem areas. This makes tummies look slimmer which make new mommies look better.

A-line Skirts: Add a Little Flair to Your Wardrobe

Another staple that moms should always have in their fashion arsenal are A-line skirts. These are really feminine and flattering. A-line skirts are also extremely versatile. When paired with some lovely ballet flats and a quirky t-shirt, A-line skirts look fun and whimsical. This look is perfect for play dates and low key outings. On the other hand, they can be worn in a more upscale manner. If you have a special occasion or dinner, but don’t want to wear a dress, A-line skirts can be dressed up with some heels and a sparkly necklace. A-line skirts are the ultimate transitional piece.

Boot Cut Jeans: A Tried and Dark Blue Staple

Being stylish doesn’t always mean dressing up. Jeans are comfortable and attractive. They lift droopy posteriors and illuminate womanly curves. When it comes to jeans, dark wash is the best tone because it looks great on every skin tone and makes people appear smaller. There are many styles of jeans out there, but only one style is a cut above the rest. Boot cut is the most universally flattering style of jeans and does wonders for every figure because it masks imperfections. Because of our natural curves, very few women are built like supermodels with long slender stems. Most women have hips, thighs and calves to contend with. Since boot cut is cut straight, it smoothes out figures.

Moms don’t get the dowdy style blues. Don’t let the time demands of motherhood rob you of your fashionable charm. Wardrobes don’t have to be complicated. Look great with minimum effort by rocking out the basics.

By Melissa Cooke


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