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5 Unexpected Fashion Choices for Spring

If you are like most of us, you lack the time and resources to go shopping for an entirely new wardrobe every season. Nonetheless, the same outfits day after day can begin to feel lackluster and boring.  Here are a few unexpected ways to create new styles out of pieces you already own. 

Sneakers with Dresses

One universally flattering style I have always admired is a sundress with a pair of sneakers.  This style works best with a high top canvas sneaker, or a low version.  Converse makes a very icon and incredibly affordable high and low top canvas sneaker.  Rocket Dog brand also makes a wide array of simple, understated low top sneakers in a variety of prints and different fabrics. 


For an interesting juxtaposition, try pairing work-boot inspired boots (the leather kind with rivets that go up above the ankle) with softer, more feminine clothing, like lace shorts, a skirt, or a dress. One of my favorite brands of shoe to utilize for this fashion statement are Doc Martins. Pairing a more rugged shoe with an intrinsically delicate item like a sundress or pleated skirt is a great way to showcase how multifaceted you are through a fashion statement.

High Heels with Casual Pants

We think the natural choice for a casual pant like denim jeans or corduroy is a flat, casual shoe with casual pants, right? Not necessarily. I find a great way to make a casual pair of pants more stylish is to pair them with a high heel, preferably a brighter, statement heel, or even an eye-catching platform wedge. I also like to pair a statement wedge with my overalls to dress them up a bit. This tends to work best with fitted pants, for the most part. Of course, there are exceptions, but I usually opt for a skinny jean, or tailored work pant for this. This look utilizes two items every woman has in her closet, a favorite pair of heels, and a favorite pair of jeans. In addition to getting you out of a style rut, you will have the added benefit of confidence, as wearing your favorite clothing items often instills a confident feeling.

Jeans Under Skirts/Dresses

In the spring when the weather is still cool, a nice option is to wear form fitting jeans under your skirts or dresses. I think this looks best with embellished dresses that feature beadwork or embroidery. Opt for shorter dresses and skirts for this look, above the knee. If the dress or skirt is too long and baggy, the effect can be a disheveled look instead of a stylish one. Pair with a high heeled or platform shoe, or a boot

As you can see, there are many ways to stretch your style comfort zone and try a completely new look, using pieces you already have in your closet. Be creative! Match pieces you initially would not have thought of as complementary. Sometimes the results will surprise you!


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