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Choosing Wine Doesn’t Have To Be A Worry, Even For Beginners

Choosing Wine Doesn’t Have To Be A Worry, Even For Beginners

48% of American adults drink wine a few times a month, whether it’s just a glass at home over a family dinner, or sharing a bottle at a restaurant with your other half. While it’s common to think that paying more for a bottle means the wine is better, that isn’t always true. You can spend less than $20 on a good wine and still enjoy a savoring taste. The key to finding the best wine isn’t to find the most expensive one, for wine beginners, following a few simple steps can get you a delicious wine without breaking the bank.

Ordering Wine At A Restaurant
If you’re new to the world of wine, a restaurant is the best place to start. One of the easiest wine guidelines to pick up is how to pair wine with food, fortunately, at a restaurant, your server or the restaurant’s sommelier will be able to help you. General wine-food pairings are easy to remember: red wine with red meat or chicken, or white wine with fish or salad. Once you pick up these guidelines, you can start getting more in touch with your own preferences and more specific about the type of dish and wine pairings. For example, acidic foods like tomato-based meals pair well with acidic wines like Sauvignon Blanc, whereas lighter wines like Pinot Grigio can pair well with salads or other light meals. If you’re ever unsure what the best wine to choose is, don’t be afraid to ask your server. They are there to help you, some of them have a favorite, they can describe to a “T”, and they get plenty of wine questions.

Choosing Wine To Drink At Home
When it comes to having wine at home, it’s less likely that you’re looking for something to pair with a specific meal and more likely that you want a wine you’ll enjoy a glass of in the evening. It can be tougher to choose a wine this way but don’t worry, you can still pick a good wine. As with all drinks, your personal preferences are the most important things to consider, so there are general rules of thumb when choosing a wine. If you prefer deeper or bitter flavors, red wines are a good choice, their full-bodied will deliver on the bitter taste you prefer versus most whites. If you lean more toward sweet foods and drinks, a white wine or rosé will be better for you. Just remember, the price isn’t what makes the wine good, you don’t have to break the bank to have a delicious wine.

The world of wine can appear intimidating at first, but a few gentle guidelines can point you toward the wine you’ll most enjoy. The easiest way to choose a wine is with a food pairing, but after trying a few different wines, you’ll form a solid idea of what you like. Of course, the most important thing is to drink what’s appealing to you, not what you think you should.


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