What’s In Your Garden?


As the days grow warmer, it’s time to start thinking about what to put in this year’s garden. While you are planning what to grow, you should give some thought as to what plants can do double duty. There are some flowers and herbs that not only look great but can help keep bugs away from you, your house, and other plants. Here are just a few:


The Marigold plant not only looks pretty, but it can keep mosquitoes away. The smell the Marigolds give off scare off mosquitoes. Try planting them as a border around your home. Use the marigolds in planters and place them around your deck or patio.


If you want to let the local ant population know they aren’t welcome at your house, try planting pennyroyal mint outside your door. Mint deters ants from entering your home.  A bonus to planting mint, mice can’t stand the smell and will stay away as well. You can also use a solution of one part peppermint oil to ten parts water around doors and windows to keep ants out of your home.


If flies are an issue at your home, basil could be the answer for which you have searched. Planting basil around your doors and windows will help keep flies away. You can add a small pot of basil to your picnic table to keep unwanted pests from visiting the next time you eat al fresco.



If pests of the four footed, hopping variety are the problem in your garden, plant some lavender this year. Rabbits will leave your vegetable plants alone if you there is fragrant lavender nearby. As a bonus, lavendar can have many uses around the home and can even be used in cooking. Lavender, like Marigolds, will also keep mosquitoes away.

These plants will not only keep pests away from your home and garden this year, but they will add color and aroma as well. Try planting a few. What do you have to lose but some pests?

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