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Home Health Diet Tips Suffering from an Irregular Thyroid? There's Help

Suffering from an Irregular Thyroid? There’s Help

You can protect yourself by implementing better foods into your diet. Fried foods in excess, carcinogenic containing foods or meds along with a large consumption of certain dairy products can cause your thyroid undo grief. Avoid eating a lot of egg as it can speed up the growth of the viruses causing your thyroid distress to begin with, this applies to cow milk, cheese and sour cream as well. I am not saying quit them, but definitely lessen them.

After struggling two years with the life destroying symptoms I described in an earlier article titled (The Growing Thyroid Epidemic) I did some research and self trials. My endocrinologist bless his heart tried, but there was little he could do. He put me on Synthroid a commonly prescribed medication for thyroid issues, it is synthetic hormones which help to a degree but can also do more harm than good. The lacking hormones are made up and your thyroid will function more but knowing the correct dose is next to impossible especially when the only labs they can do to check your level of TSH, T3, or T4 hormones are not considered the best way of determining levels accurately. Your thyroid can also become reliant and stop its own natural production altogether or the meds simply don’t work well enough. They may help short term also but have severe side effects and it has recently been debated whether synthetic hormones is more harmful than helpful overall.

On this journey of health, I also bought a book called “Medical Medium Thyroid Healing”, written by Anthony William. You can find it on Amazon. The book tells you all about the different causes and the general misinformation surrounding the thyroid. The biggest take away for me from this book was the foods I could eat to not only protect, but to jumpstart and improve my thyroids health. In case you are short on time I am going to name a few of the foods you can incorporate here.

  • Fresh lemon or lime and water with a small amount of ginger. Let it sit for 15 minutes before consuming. Have twice daily or once every other day.
  • Benefits: Vitamin C from the lemon/lime strengthening immunity and the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. The detoxing aid from both.
  • Asparagus is like a super food for your thyroid. Even now in my much healthier state, if this food is absent from diet too long my body will notice. Asparagus is a top food for thyroid health and function. I would highly credit it for restarting mine and maintaining it. Consume regularly.
  • Benefits: It is extremely high in Vitamin K and B vitamins great for your nerves, stress and energy. It is also a mild kidney detoxifier, high in potassium. Asparagus is also insulin resistant due to the Chromium it contains.
  • Organic celery with water or smoothies
  • Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, thyroid booster for removing the toxins and viruses that cause the thyroid diseases. Has a high amount of antioxidants. A major protector for the thyroid, gut, and liver.
  • Blueberries, alone, with smoothies, or in breakfast bowls
  • Benefits: This fruit tastes great by itself or in smoothies and packs the highest amount of antioxidants with added weight loss benefits.
  • Leafy greens such as kale or spinach
  • Benefits: They contain magnesium that aids in many of your bodies processes and they are good sources of antioxidants and carotenoids important for repairing radical damage.

There are so many foods out there that can help you protect, heal, or provide that extra your thyroid meds may not be. Other great thyroid foods include sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, dulse flakes, nettle tea, parsley, peaches, strawberries and various nuts. If you have just started meds these foods may even prevent you from having to stay on them. Incorporate them in conjunction with your meds and check for improvement, discuss with your doctor safely lowering your dosage to see if you have made progress when you have tried them a while and see if these foods are helping your thyroid to function more on its own.

Start with food and as you begin to feel better add some exercise because it too has a big impact on you thyroid and overall body health.

Jessica Jefferson
Jessica Jefferson
Jessy Jefferson is a married mother of three with a BA Majoring in Criminology and a Minor in Performing Arts Administrative. Having previously worked as a Paralegal Assistant she recently returned to Modeling and Acting. A woman driven and determined to succeed whether it be as a writer, FBI profiler or anything she does. She regularly integrates her many talents into her work as a model and actress, often acting as her own MUA and Stylist for photoshoots. Drawing, painting, writing and dance only name a few of the many gifts she has been blessed with. When she’s not busy creating she enjoys fitness, adventures to new places, and spending time with her family. Her plate is always full and she is rarely inactive unless she tries hard at it. Jessy Jefferson is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, model, actress and writer.


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