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How Much Will Breast Implants Cost?

Whether you are a mom of three, a sexy grandmother, or a twenty-something college student: this is the first question we all ask. What will breast implants cost? This could be the basis of why you decide to hold off on the procedure, the reason you take a summer job between semesters, or put off your retirement. No matter the reason, this is where we all start, so let’s break it down.

First – Base Cost: $5,000 to $7,000

Depending on the physician and the area of the country you are seeking the procedure, this part can vary, but this includes both pre- and post-op visits.

Second – Time Off: Cost Varies

You will need to schedule multiple appointments before and after the procedure. You will also need to take off work for at least 7-10 days to allow the implants to heal properly. Even if you are currently not working the restriction of only lifting 10 pounds, for several weeks it’s very limiting in day to day activities. Everything from grocery shopping, watering plants, hugging your kids, feeding your pets, and going to the gym will need to be put on hold. You might need to hire some help cleaning, schedule a food delivery service and meal prep, or help with childcare if you don’t have a partner at home. This can be fairly cheap by asking a friend or family member to help out depending on your needs.

Third – Upfront Cost: $500 to $1,400

When researching I found that most people were not aware of the large percentage that is due upfront. Most physicians require a 10%-20% down payment to even schedule the appointment for surgery. This is not due during the two to three initial appointments needed prior to the surgery, but to book the date you will need to put down the cash. SIDE NOTE: You will need to pay the balance due in full at least two weeks prior to the surgery.

Fourth – Clothing: $500 to $2,000

This is the biggest thing that is missed when calculating the cost of implants. You will need to invest a chunk of change into some really supportive sports bras for recovery. The ones that zip up in the front are amazing for this! Regular day to day bras will all need to be replaced. Also, depending on the size of the implants you choose, some shirts, dresses, suit jackets, and winter coats may no longer fit as well.

Overall – Cost: $6,000 to $8,000

When talking to plastic surgeons they say that the patients first questions about breast augmentation are not about the safety or health risks of the procedure; it’s ‘How much will breast implants cost?’ Price is the foundation of the decision making process. Adding up the procedure, office visits, wardrobe replacement, time away from work, and any help required, the total cost of breast implants is on the higher end of plastic surgeries. It is however, still one of the most sought after procedures today.

Sarah Holland
Sarah Holland
I am a mother of 4 with my husband of over 10 years. Life is busy, but I work hard to enjoy life to the fullest! Life experience is the best education in my book!


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