Natural Vitamins & Supplements – Do they Actually Work?


Generally speaking, women of all ages are obsessed with the way they look. A perfect body, healthy hair, and a proper attitude, are attributes that make women confident. However, as we age that confidence starts to vanish. Therefore, it’s important to look for alternatives to maintain our beauty without sacrificing our health.

Vitamin supplements – a controversial subject

Women have been including vitamin supplements into their diets for years. These pills are not meant to replace food, but rather to help the body assimilate an adequate amount of vitamins it cannot absorb on its own. In high amounts and without a doctor’s prescriptions, vitamins supplements may have adverse effects.

The key to a healthy body is proper nutrition. Unprocessed foods, plenty of water, and exercise, are all important for those who want to feel and look good. Nevertheless, our bodies need more than we can provide them through food. Vitamin D for example, is crucial for our skin and general wellbeing. Nevertheless, when the body doesn’t receive enough natural light, supplementation may be recommended. Vitamins C and D are excellent supplements that can fight free radicals and repair cell damage.

Vitamin supplements taken in recommended dosages can work miracles for your health and beauty. Omega-3 fatty acids are additionally important because they can prevent several conditions such as heart attacks, cancer, low blood pressure, depression, asthma, and more. While it’s perfectly true that the oil can be taken from natural sources like walnuts, cod liver, tuna, salmon, and others, some people fail to include them in their daily diets.

Supplements that make women feel and look beautiful

While we cannot stop the aging process, this doesn’t mean we can’t look and feel beautiful at any age. Coenzyme Q10 for example, is a natural antioxidant found within the body that protects and helps our cells to grow. When we don’t get it from our daily food consumption, supplements can be a great alternative. They will help women reduce the amount of wrinkles and keep their skin looking younger and smoother. Green tea supplements are also an excellent way of keeping smooth and healthy looking skin. Because green tea is rich in flavonoids, it has a very strong antioxidant effect on the body.

We cannot talk about vitamins for the skin without mentioning vitamin B. Foods that are rich in vitamin B are eggs, chicken, and grain products, so they should definitely be included in your diet. Deficiencies might lead to dry, scratchy skin, so if you are not consuming these foods in your normal diet, getting supplements for these vitamins should be very important.

Health and weight loss

Did you know that vitamin supplements can protect your immune system from diseases? Vitamins like A, E, and C have antioxidants meant to fight chemicals within our bodies known as free radicals.

We are all born beautiful, but we don’t always find the best way to have a balanced lifestyle with proper nutrition, and this increased the risk for developing multiple health problems. Dry hair, itchy skin, headaches, and weak nails, are reactions the body has from lack of vitamins and minerals. Basically, your body is telling you that you’re not healthy. It is important to find alternative ways to maintain your body’s health; you should not ignore these signs.

Society has been condemning supplements for years now. However, when prescribed by a nutritionist in the right amounts, they can only boost your health and make you feel more beautiful. Dietary supplements in particular, are not recommended because society says they’re not good for you. Reality is different, and just because a lot of women don’t take them as they are prescribed and abuse them, doesn’t mean the supplement itself is bad. White bean extract, green tea, coconut oil, and mango seed fiber, are just some dietary supplements that can help women lose weight the natural way.

To conclude, we must point out that vitamin supplements have the power to boost beauty and your overall health. While some of them will help your skin and hair look better, others will aid the fat burning process, and thus you’ll lose weight slowly but in a much healthier way. Prior to including them into your diet, make an appointment with your local nutritionist and he/she will tell you exactly what your body needs to improve its overall look and functionality.


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