Mercury Retrograde 2018: Oh No! Not That Time Again!


Mercury Retrograde 2018: Oh No! Not That Time Again!

Like an impending full moon, when Mercury retrograde is approaching, people cringe. But there are misconceptions associated with the periodic planetary phenomenon. If you don’t follow astrology, you might not know what all the hype is about. There are several reasons why people have so much interest in Mercury retrograde, one of the most prominent is that it signifies a period change. Things tend to go haywire.

Many folks believe that when the smallest planet appears to move backward, hardship and turbulence are sure to wreak havoc on the world. However, Mercury retrograde doesn’t always bring doom and gloom, especially if you keep track of the planetary cycles. This can be a time of increased prosperity if you manage to avoid some of the pesky setbacks.

Common Assumptions Concerning Mercury Retrograde

There are several common assumptions concerning planets in retrograde. Many astrology-followers speculate that the episode leads to backward movement and an extra dose of life’s challenges. In fact, planets can’t reverse their natural path – it isn’t possible for Mercury to move in the opposite direction. Our solar system is designed in a manner where every planet remains in its own designated line of orbit. If an overly-dominant planet accelerates and attempts to overtake another, it is labeled as a “transit”. Correspondingly, a slow planet that is overtaken is said to be “retrograding”. Once that slowpoke starts to gain speed, it is in a direct phase.

Since little Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun, it turns retrograde, transit or direct before all the others. Vedic Astrologers state that both positive and negative effects result when Mercury is retrograding. The hot astronomical body is believed to be the driving force for senses, speech, and intelligence. Therefore, retrograde Mercury can negatively affect a person’s normal speech, communication ability, and intelligence. It can also lead to drastic personality changes.

2018 Mercury Retrograde Schedule

Mercury typically turns retrograde three or four times per year. The exact dates and times for 2018 are as follows:
• Friday, March 28 at 5:49 A.M. — Sunday, April 15 at 2:50 P.M.
• Thursday, July 26 at 10:32 A.M. — Sunday, August 19 at 9:55 A.M.
• Saturday, November 17 at 7:04 A.M.— Friday, December 7 at 2:52 A.M.

When Mercury is retrograding, it is said to have a significant influence on important cognitive functions, like decision-making and logical reasoning. Hence, some people work harder, their mental capabilities are miraculously sharper, and efficiency is just better.

Mercury is generally a good influence on fellow planets. But when the little guy is retrograding, its impact becomes even stronger. At times when the influence is negative, the occurrence can lead to unsavory consequences. But when the planet is in a high position during retrograde, the results can be quite good.

The Effect on Line of Work

Mercury has a direct influence on a person’s career and work-life.  Therefore, when the planet is in retrograde, transit or direct, it may influence job performance. A very high retrograde is believed to have a positive effect on profession, while a weak Mercury can lead to a financial blow or loss of business.

The Boost in Brain Power

Mercury has the most power within the inner workings of the mind. At this time, you may be sharper intellectually, and you think clearer. Astrologers state that those born under the influence of Mercury are often gifted with exceptional reasoning and logical-thinking skills.

The Effects of Mercury Retrograde

The most dramatic effects are on human behavior and personality changes during this time of year may be due to Mercury’s retrograde effect. This can be a tough time if you suffer from mental illnesses such as PTSD and bipolar disorder. Some people may feel irritable or want to distance themselves from others. The major astrological event makes it difficult to communicate and form rational decisions. Sometimes the irrational decision made at this time results in dire consequences later.

Things to Consider When Mercury Is Retrograding

As we wrap up the first round this year on April 15 at 2:50 P.M., remember that Mercury has a strong impact on how the brain works and on work-life. So, to prepare for the occurrence, work on developing patience to avoid making hasty decisions, avoid launching any new business ventures or important projects, and keep the focus on whatever you currently have in the works. This is not the time to make any long-term investments. However, Mercury retrograde is exactly the right time to resolve any outstanding or lingering issues.


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