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Stress Less with Yoga WHAT?!

Being a mom is such an important job! It has the best perks and the best time well spent, but it’s hard. You have many sleepless nights, exhausted mornings, no paid vacation, or any days off. Sometimes during the first few years, you almost forget who you are. Our world after becoming a parent does change; that’s why it is so important to put yourself first. I always hear, “my kids come before me, no matter what.” I do believe in that statement, but only to an extent. If we give everything we have, is there going to be anything left for us? Think about it, if your stressed out and overly exhausted, you can’t focus very well. Your head is not in the right place. 

Take a moment…

Release your shoulders, un-clench your jaw and remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Take a deep breath, then roll your shoulders. Relax and take another deep breath. It’s that easy, and you feel a little better. Something so simple can really make a difference. It can be difficult for us to put time aside for ourselves, but we need to. 

What is going on?

If you’re not sure when to recognize that you need a break, take a moment to listen to your body. Observe what your feeling emotionally, and physically. Often times, I start to feel overwhelmed like I need to scream into a pillow, or walk away. Before I get to the emotional stuff, I always address the physical tells first. I get headaches, and my neck and shoulders start to get stiff, then I lose sleep, and for me, sleep deprivation brings on most of the emotional tells. That’s when I want to catch it. The minute I noticed my body is stressed, I take a step back. 

Yoga what?

One of the best practices, which I do very often, is Yoga Nidra. Total mind and body relaxation, for real. I discovered Yoga Nidra when a very close friend of mine took me to practice yoga with her. The instructor explained to us that it is being in-between sleep, and wakeful consciousness. She said it’s great for relieving stress. I was hooked after that day. I learned how to relax my entire body from the tips of my toes, to the very top of my scalp. You can literally feel the tension and stress melt away! The best part is you don’t need any gear. Grab a comfy spot, and relax.

Grab a comfy spot, your headphones and relax! No special equipment needed!

Since then, I’ve been using good ol’ Youtube. One of my favorite videos for Yoga Nidra is from Freebird Mediations. Some people say to sit up, but I highly recommend that you lie down. If you fall asleep, no big deal. A lot of people use this technique to help them fall asleep as well. Now, if you are not used to meditating it can be very difficult to get, and stay, relaxed, but, don’t give up. It’s called “practice” for a reason. 

I strongly recommend this to anyone, not just parents. I challenge you to give it a try. You will truly understand what I mean when you go for it! It’s ok to take time for yourself, it’s needed. Always remember to listen to your body. Enjoy the stillness of each moment as you venture through your days. 

Christina Warner
Stay at home mom for 3 rowdy kids and a lizard! I enjoy writing and doing crafts in my spare time. I always follow the stars to guide my journey!


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