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Why Getting Older is Fu%$ing Great

I will never be one of those people that lies about my age. I have earned every single year on this Earth that I managed to survive. The old way of thinking in which females peaked at 25 is part of the past, and here are some reflective thoughts to remind all of us moms and mature women why aging is awesome.

I no longer doubt my instincts – I can remember being easily swayed regardless of my internal thoughts, just trying to appease people. As I have gotten older, I have definitely been in situations where I am fairly certain I have not only skirted dangerous situations for me, but for my friends and children alike. The older I get, the more in tune my instincts become, and it feels powerful.

I don’t let other people’s opinions effect my self-worth – At this point, I’m completely receptive to criticism, but I understand that my opinion of myself is far more important that anyone else’s. There will always be people that judge and criticize. The older I get, the more they turn into white noise.

I am over comparing myself to others – I definitely remember feeling less than in this social media age. I used to hyper focus on my flaws or ways that I was less successful than others. Focusing on this negative trap only impedes growth and success. I am only myself, and I can only compare my success to my past self.

I care about the bigger picture – I want to impact mankind. The 20’s are a very self-involved time of life. It’s easy to get wrapped up in drama, and work, and the little things that simply don’t matter. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized to care for my fellow humans, and look out for future generations. Nothing makes me feel more empowered than making a difference for others.

I can pick my battles wisely – I used to be extremely stubborn in certain environments, but the truth is, that never got me anywhere. Life experience has taught me when to speak up effectively, and when to nod and wash my hands of a situation. This is something only age and experience can teach us.

I understand how to control my emotions and reactions – Feelings are fleeting and bad days pass. Instead of focusing on these low points, I know how to get through them without dwelling. In my 20s, I was so hard headed that I’d argue points into the ground. I would stew over comments and hold grudges. This really only impacted me heavily. Maintaining a level head is the difference between a woman and a girl.

I learned to love me – like most American women, my 20’s were riddled with body image issues and focusing on what I lack. This narrative is beyond relatable in our culture unfortunately, and I am hopeful it will become a part of the past. I don’t care if I’m perfect anymore. I have learned to appreciate what is great about me, and take that positive energy to give to others.

Embracing your age is an essential part of being happy. I’ll take wrinkles and wisdom over youth and angst any day. Cheers to all of us mature, grown women. Let’s set an example and appreciate the life experience it took to make us who we are.

Farrah Lee
Farrah Leehttp://fbleephoto.com
I grew up a military brat, so I am a tumbleweed with an eclectic personality. I have two amazing children and own a photography business in north Georgia. I want to empower humans and have a positive impact on mankind. Let's do this.


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