Why I Do Yoga



Yoga. It’s a trendy exercise right now, and I’m sure we’ve all seen the infographics on it’s various benefits. Let’s be honest here, though. If you’ve never been a really fit and healthy person before, you probably took up yoga because it’s popular, and because you think it’s an easy way to lose weight. Wrong! I took up yoga to help me lose weight and it did. Help me lose weight, that is, but very little. For me, yoga wasn’t going to help me lose 20 pounds after I had my son, and you probably won’t lose 20 pounds from yoga, either. Oddly, I still love yoga, even though I’m not going to lose much more weight from it. Here are the benefits that actually matter to me, the real reasons I do yoga.

It Calms Me Down

Practicing yoga helps me feel more balanced and calm. It makes a huge difference in how I will react to stressful situations later in the day. I get frustrated less, I feel happier, and I have a sense of accomplishment by 8 AM.

It Wakes Me Up

When I do yoga in the morning, I’m more productive. I want to get up and get stuff done. I’m more energetic and confident.

It Helps Me Sleep

When I do yoga at night, it helps relax me and quiet my mind enough for me to fall asleep quickly and to sleep peacefully through the night.

It Helps Me Concentrate

I have a wandering mind. If I’m writing or doing schoolwork online, I tend to get distracted easily and it’s hard for me to focus. If I take a ten minute yoga break, my concentration improves enough for me to get what I need to get done, done.

Yoga’a awesome, but you have to realize what it really does for you. If you just want to lose weight or look cool, then yoga’s not for you. If you want to feel more balanced and in tune with your body and mind, then you should really try it.

Updates from yesterday’s post: The glow in the dark paint didn’t work out. I’m not sure why, but it just didn’t glow.


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