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A Penny Saved: 5 Tips to Saving Money

In today’s day and age, spending without much care has become a distant memory. Now more than ever people, women in particular, are seeing that they must start saving more than they spend. With the prices of gas, groceries, and other items increasing; it is of great importance to spend on what you need and save for you want.

Spending and Saving: You can do both

When I was a young girl, my Mother taught me the value of a dollar. She always said, “If you do not need it, you do not get it; but if you want it, you can save for it.” To this day, at the age of 35, I keep true to those words; I know that as long as I spend money on the things I need, like food and clothing, I will almost always have money for the things that I want later on.

Along with this lesson, I was taught that I can save money and spend it at the same time but it is important to understand that saving is the ultimate goal; even when you have to spend money on those much needed items like gas for your car and paying for that all important electric bill. There are tips you can follow to help you start saving money and help you live well within your means.

5 Tips to Saving Money

Most anyone will tell you that saving money is not as easy done as it is said but that does not mean it cannot be done. Here are some helpful tips to get you saving money and proving all of them wrong.


Even though your paycheck leaves you strapped for cash each month, it is highly recommended for you to take a little amount from each paycheck and put it away into a savings account. Although, savings accounts do not yield a lot of interest, with each dollar you put away; the interest will make those dollars grow, saving you much more money that you could have ever imagined.

Money Saving Tip #2: Ditch the Memberships

From gyms to health spas and much more, you can save a great amount of money each month that is deducted from your savings account each month. Now, I know your gym membership may only be $10.00 a month, but that adds up over a small amount of time; and when you think about it, you do not always use the gym every month essentially wasting money that goes unused over a period of time. I digress; the important thing is to save your money. You can get the same results working out at home and using DIY Facial Cleaners in your own bathroom; saving you much more money that you can imagine.

Money Saving Tip #3: Purchase Items in Bulk

It is highly recommended to make much of your purchases in bulk. What does this mean? It is simple really. Most items that we use a lot of, like toilet paper and paper towels, can be purchased in larger quantities; essentially allowing you to get more for your money as well as save money in the long run. From toilet paper and paper towels to crackers, peanut butter and much more; saving money while spending it has never been truer than with this tip right here.

Money Saving Tip #4: Borrow As Much As You Can

You need a bike but only for one day or a weekend and maybe you need a video camera for a special event that is taking place over a long holiday weekend; you do not need to buy these items if you are only going to use them once or twice in a small period of time, you can borrow these items and save yourself a great deal of money over time. However, what if your friends do not have the thing you need the most to borrow? Do not fear, there are websites that allow you to borrow whatever you need; from bikes to cameras and much more. These sites are easy to find but here are a few to help you get started on finding the items you need to borrow:

  • SnapGoods.com
  • NeighborGoods.net
  • ShareSomeSugar.com

These sites come highly recommended to anyone that wants to save money but still needs to borrow that one item you need those most for the weekend or for just a day.

Money Saving Tip #5: Be Smart with Your Smartphone

Anymore your smartphone can do anything and everything but did you know that it can help you save money as you spend it? Surprisingly there are apps that have been created to help you, the mindful consumer, to save money where you need to save it the most.

Never has there been more help than what you can find in an app; there are a ton of apps that have been created by everyday people like you that can help save you money. Apps like GasBuddy. This app helps you find the cheapest gas station in your area, helping you get what you need without breaking your bank. Another app that is quite helpful is CardStar. This app will store all of your rewards cards on your phone and allows you to remember your card without having to keep it on hand. Then there is the app Mint. This app helps you create a goal to spend less money. As you spend the app will then warn you if you are getting close to your spending limit. How cool are these apps???

With these money saving tips and many others that are available online, you can be sure that the savings will pile higher and deeper with each penny you save as you spend.


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