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6 of the Best DIY Halloween Decorations

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins


These Halloween glow in the dark pumpkins only take two supplies to make: Plastic or foam pumpkins and glow in the dark paint. This is one of the easiest, cheapest, most fun DIY Halloween projects that still turn out amazing. It would be hard to mess this up, so if you’re one of those that seems to turn every pinterest project into something that belongs at the dump, this one’s for you. This is also a great one for the little ones to help with.

Tin Can Luminaries


These tin can luminaries are pretty self explanatory. They’re easy as pumpkin pie to make (Actually, they’re easier than pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie takes more time to make, too.). You just use a hammer and nail to put the holes in the can, paint the can, and stick a candle in it. Make sure you write out the word you want on the can before using a hammer and nail. The hardest part about this DIY Halloween decoration would be gathering all of those cans.

Spider Nests


The Spider Nest is pretty easy to make, as well. You just get some white stockings, some white batting, and some plastic spiders. Fill the stocking with the white batting and some of the spiders, then hot glue some more spiders to the outside of the stocking as well. Next, you just hang them up all over the inside of the house, or the outside – on the porch or from the trees – and you’ve got spiders everywhere.

Monster in the Toilet


This one is absolutely adorable. While it’s not really scary, it sure is cute. The children in your home are sure to love this, and it may even make you smile when you use the powder room. All this decoration takes is construction paper, so you may not even have to make a trip to the store to get supplies, and if you do, you shouldn’t have to spend more than a dollar.

 Candy Corn Banner


A candy corn banner is so easy to make, and inexpensive as well. You need paint, paper plates, scissors, tape, and some type of twine or ribbon. If your kids are old enough, they can help you paint the plates, giving you an excuse to do a craft with your children. You just paint the plates, cut them into can corn slices, tape the slices onto the twine, and hang the twine up. Done! The house is decorated.

Cheesecloth Ghosts

Halloween Decorations

I really love this one. It looks store bought and expensive, but in reality, you can make it in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price. All you need is cornstarch, water, black felt for the eyes, and cheesecloth. A good part of this project for your little ones to help with is coating the cheesecloth in the cornstarch and water mixture. Sure, its a little bit messy, but easy enough to clean up.

Boo Wreath

Shelly Hickox Halloween Wreath


This Halloween wreath is absolutely stunning. Some would say that it looks better than the cheap, store bought wreaths. It may cost more, though, as it takes a whopping fifteen materials to make! It’s one of the more time consuming crafts, as it is also eleven steps. It requires painting, stuffing all of those coffee filters through the wreath, and if you want to make it a little cheaper, cutting out those spiders and the “Boo” yourself, rather than buying them already cut out.


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