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Extra Money? Yes, Please!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to save money or make a little extra without it taking much time or effort because, like most of you, my schedule is already crazy.  Here are a few tips that might not seem like much, but they add up and are super easy to do.

Change Jar

At the end of each day, toss your change into a jar. I keep my jar behind the TV in my bedroom so that it’s out of sight which means, except for occasionally when my son wants to catch the ice cream truck and I don’t have cash, it just sets back there.  You would be surprised at how quickly it adds up!  When you’re ready to cash it in, don’t go to one of those machines in the store because they take a fee; instead, find a local bank that has a change machine which can count it without it having to be rolled and they don’t charge anything.


For years I have been a member of mypoints.com, a site that offers points for doing things like shopping at select retailers through their site, printing coupons, watching videos, booking travel, or taking surveys.  There are a lot of these types of sites and I feel like over time I’ve tried all of them, but this is the only one that I’ve stuck with.  So far this year I’ve cashed in points for $80 in gift cards – $40 for Buffalo Wild Wings and $40 for Starbuck’s – and I’m only on the site for a few minutes two or three days a week.  So, while you’re stuck on hold or sitting back watching TV, you could be earning points which you can trade in for gift cards to a wide variety of retailers and, the more time you spend, the more you can earn.

Ibotta Smartphone App

In January I decided to check out Ibotta, a smartphone app that gives you cash back for shopping.  In a nutshell, you download the app, create an account, select deals for stores where you normally shop, and then scan or take a picture of your receipt to claim the deals and add the money to your account.  You can link some store loyalty cards which then automatically credits your account for deals that you claim at those stores and there are some apps that give cash back for in-app purchases.  While I’m on hold or when I’m sitting in bed at night watching TV, I’ll look through the offers and add them for the next time I go shopping.  I haven’t been very good at remembering to redeem my receipts, but with the few that I have scanned, I’ve earned $42.14.  I haven’t explored the “teamwork” option yet, but by inviting friends and adding them to your “team” you can earn bonuses and the more people you have on your team, the quicker you can earn bonus money. You can cash out as soon as you’ve earned $20 by transferring the money to your PayPal or Venmo account or convert it into a gift card.

These are just a few simple ways to earn a little extra money without putting in much effort.  If you have suggestions for similar websites or apps that have worked for you, please feel free to share them with us!

Robin McLean
Robin McLean
A single mom with an AAS in Paralegal Studies, Robin is equal parts businesswoman and creative. With a background in business management and as a litigation and probate paralegal, she also manages talent which allows her to incorporate her love of photography, videography, writing, costuming, set design, and prop making. Ever on the quest to live her best life and stay active, she enjoys fitness classes, weightlifting, obstacle runs, cooking, scrapbooking, football, DIY projects around the house, and loves all animals.


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