Five Online Businesses You Can Start From Home


Who wouldn’t love being able to run their business from home in their pajamas without worrying about how they look or what their boss wants for that day because they are their own boss? Here are five online businesses that you can easily start from home and can get started making a significant amount of money this month. Some are a bit quirkier than others but if you dedicate the time to learn about your business and what it has to offer thoroughly you will have no problem replacing and even increasing your income.


Online Internet Researcher

What You Need to Do: As an online internet researcher you will be spending hours searching the web looking for things that other people just simply don’t have time to search for. You’re already surfing the web on your own every day. Why not get paid for it.

How Much Can You Make: A good researcher can make up to $45 per hour for their work. You can make even more if you create a report of the information you’ve gathered and sell them to more than one client so you can reap the benefits of your one internet researching session long after you’ve done the research.

What do You Need to Get Started: A computer and access to the internet.


Virtual Assistant

What You Need to Do: As a virtual assistant you will be completing the tasks that your clients don’t want to do. You will be required to be organized and be able to meet deadlines when they are given. Most of your work will be tasks that don’t require a lot of skill but like an online researcher you will be doing them because your clients simply don’t have the time to do themselves.

How Much Can You Make: Depending on the services you offer and how often your client needs you a good virtual assistant can make between $30 and $50 per hour and if you have a specialty like graphic design you can make even more.

What do You Need to Get Started: A computer, internet access, good marketing and communication skills.


Sell Your Arts and Crafts

What You Need to Do: If you like to design jewelry or knit scarves and socks you can make a killing selling your crafts on websites like Etsy. You determine how much your item is worth and then post pictures on the website for others to purchase your items. Sites like Etsy take a percentage out of every sale but it is a good exchange for the use of their website and marketing benefits.

How Much Can You Make: It all depends on the crafts you choose to sell, how much advertising and marketing efforts you are putting into your business and how much your expenses are. There are some Etsy members making six figures selling their pieces after putting in the time and effort.

What do You Need to Get Started: A marketing plan, a website to sell your products, and a product to sell.


Online Consultant

What You Need to Do: You will be providing advice to those who need help figuring out what to do. There are a variety of areas you can help people in from wedding advice to parenting techniques. It just depends on what fields you have experience in and how well you think you can help others.

How Much Can You Make: The higher your degree is or the more experience you have the more you can charge per consultation. There are some people who are making $60 and more per hour doing consultations for things like weddings, parties, and emotional consulting.

What do You Need to Get Started: Some form of experience or educational background in the field you plan on consulting for.


Medical Transcriptionist

What You Need to Do: A medical transcriptionist transcribes copies of dictated notes from examinations and procedures done by doctors so that doctors have a way to quickly review their patients’ history as well as any legal issues that may be in place.

How Much Can You Make: Medical transcriptionists can make between $15 and $30 per hour depending on your experience.

What do You Need to Get Started: You will need to go through medical coding training in order to learn medical terminology, a computer, a word-processing software and reference books.

Don’t expect to be able to wake up one day and say today’s the day I start working from home. It will take time and effort for you to be able to start a business from home that can help replace your current income. Most people who have started a business from home say to give it a year to completely replace your current salary. As long as you are willing to put in the time and the effort to get your home business started you will be well on your way to being your own boss.


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