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8 Bachelorette Party Ideas for Your Girlfriend

One of the biggest duties of the Maid of Honor – or any girlfriend excited for her best bride – is to plan the perfect bachelorette party to suit the bride’s needs. The goal is to make the party a night she will never forget – before the biggest night of her life. (So…you know, no pressure.)

To that end, we’ve put together a list of eight bachelorette party ideas to do your best bride proud. Alcohol or not, each and every one of these ideas is sure to be a blast.

1. Camp No Counselors

Camp No Counselors is like the summer camps you went to as a child – except not. There’s booze, theme parties, suites and accommodations, and classic camp activities topped by delicious meals.

Camp No Counselors offer all-inclusive packages for adults to escape from the stressors of everyday life and make a perfect bachelorette party idea.

2. Take a Boat

If you’re looking for a truly unique bachelorette experience, consider having the bridesmaids all chip in to charter a yacht for the evening. A celebration on open water is the perfect way to say goodbye to the single life.

If you don’t live near a large enough body of water to have a yacht, consider a sailboat, speedboat, or chartered party boat.

3. Paint Party

For the creative brides-to-be in your life, a paint party might do the trick. A relaxing evening with friends, paintbrushes, and a semi-nude man may be just what your bride needs.

There are also appropriate painting parties for the women in your life who like to keep it chaste, and of course alcohol-free parties for the women who have more fun sober than drunk.

4. Spa Day

A spa day is one of our great bachelorette party ideas for those women who want to freshen up their pores and their attitude before they squeeze into that fancy dress.

Spa days are an excellent idea because they can be tailored to your bride’s specific desires. Massages, facials, mud baths, and hot yoga are all options on the table. 

5. Staycation or Slumber Party

For the frugal bride, as well as those who like their privacy, what could a better bachelorette party offer than the chance to escape the crowds?

Ordering in some pizza, planning an itinerary of party games or a movie marathon, and inviting your bride-to-be’s favorite friends may be the simple party idea you didn’t know you needed.

6. Take a Hike

Adventurous bridal sweets may prefer to take to the trails – as the bride’s girlfriends, it’s your duty to take her. Planning a hike or overnight adventure offers a chance to destress in the great outdoors.

Of course, the key with a bridal hike is to make sure you have the woman of honor back to the church before the ceremony.

7. Learn to Cook

A cooking class is a great bachelorette party idea for any woman who likes to spend her time in the kitchen.

If you time it properly and pick your dishes, you may even use the experience to prepare the meal for the big event the next day!

8. Make Your Own Decorations

Scrapbooking parties are of the past – now introducing the “make your own wedding decorations” party!

Brides and their besties can get together to put the finishing touches on decorations. Options include making table decorations, streamers or table coverings, or even goodie bags for guests.

The wedding may be the biggest day of the bride’s life, but the bachelorette party should be the second-best night of her life. This list of bachelorette party ideas should get your creative juices flowing!


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