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5 Homework Tips for Parents – Don’t Stress Out

As parents we all love to hear “I have homework, and I need help.” Sometimes the homework is fairly easy, and sometimes it is hard, depending on the grade your child is in. Our children are no longer being taught the way we once were; it seems as if we have to reeducate ourselves just to be able to help our children with their homework. Here are 5 tips to help you get a head start on helping your child with their homework.

  1. Stay in contact with your child’s teacher at all times, and keep updated on what it is that they are currently learning in class. Asking the teacher to send home study guides is also a very good idea so that you may take a look at what they are doing and get a better feel for it, especially if they are into the common core materials which most of us were never taught as children.
  2. There is nothing wrong with asking your child to show you how they were taught something at school. Our children showing us how they were taught not only allows us to see what they are actually learning, it also allows them to show us that they do know what they are doing.
  3. Have your child complete the hardest portion of their homework first, this will allow for them to really focus on their homework and will have them better prepared to finish the rest. A lot of times our children are just tired at the end of the day, and they know how to do their homework but they are looking for us to help them because they think it will just be easier that way.
  4. Once your child has completed the portion of their homework that can do on their own have them show you what it is that they are struggling with. Once they have done that be sure to read your child’s homework in its entirety. Simply reading instructions helps tremendously, you would be amazed at the amount of people who skip over the instructions, it will save so much time and hassle to just read.
  5. This is the most important tip of all, just breathe. It is easy to get stressed out while trying to help our children with their homework, especially if it is a subject that we don’t entirely understand. It is best to take a breath and just focus on the problem at hand.

The older our children get the harder the homework. Kindergarten starts out with simply learning to write their name, alphabet, and even smaller words. Once they get past that part they are now teaching kids how to read, yes in Kindergarten. It gets better from there, especially the math. Math is just simply not taught the way it once was; it appears to be more complicated. The best advice in this area is to be sure to stay in contact with your child’s teacher, which cannot be stressed enough. Teachers are more than willing to keep the parents up to date on what is going on in the classroom and they have infinite amounts of resources to share with you that will help you to understand your child’s homework or even just what they are learning at school.

Another great way to look at this is, not only are you helping your child with their homework, you are also spending time and bonding with your child. So many parents forget that bonding and spending time with their children is very important, not only for your child academically but more so for their personal growth. Homework may only take a few minutes but those few minutes are time well spent, and we should make the best of it while we can.


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