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5 of the Most Common Female Names and their Origins

Everyday a woman finds out that she is having a baby girl, and the frenzy to find the best baby name begins. Everyone has their preference, some choose unique names, some name their children after relatives or close friends, some even choose the name of a video game character, me, I am “some”. Regardless of what your reasoning is, picking a name for your new baby is always an adventure. Here are the top 5 most common female names in the world, and their origins.

5. Sophia

The name Sophia is derived from the Greek word “Σοφία” which means “wisdom, or skill”. It has been commonly used in England since the 17th century when James I chose the name for his infant daughter.

4. Isabella

Feminine and romantic, Isabella is said to be the Italian and Spanish version of “Elizabeth,” which means “devoted to god” in Hebrew. There are many interchangeable variations of the name, some including Isabeth in Spain, Isabeau, and Isabel, earning it a spot in the top 5.

3. Ava

This beautiful name is shrouded with mystery. It is difficult to track down an exact origin for this one, but some say it comes from latin roots. Derived from the word “Avis” which means “Bird,” but could also be short for the name Chava, meaning “life” or “living one.” The name became popular in the 1990’s, after the death of actress Ava Gardner.

2. Olivia

Derived from the latin word “olive,” this name was first popularized by William Shakespeare. A character in the “Twelfth Night” and has been traced all the way back to the thirteenth century in Europe. It became popular again in the mid 1990’s, and has remained one of the most popular names in the UK. It was the third most popular in Australia in 2013, and the second most popular in the US since 2014.  It is safe to say that “Olivia” is a world-loved name.

1. Emma

There is a reason that Ross and Rachel chose this name for their baby girl. Derived from an old German word meaning “whole” or “universal,” the name was introduced in England by Emma of Normandy, who was the wife of King Ethelred II, and mother of Edward the Confessor. Emma has been a popular choice for expecting moms since the 19th century.

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