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The Classy Housewife’s Guide to a Venta Airwasher

Hey You! Classy Housewife! Do you need something to help you de-stress, de-clutter and detox? You do, believe us! That thing is a little chunk of awesomeness from a German air tech company called a Venta Airwasher. You’re probably wondering why this is something you should look into. Well, this article is going to give you a few good reasons why you need to jump on it!


One thing that every classy housewife needs to be aware of is how to de-stress! I mean, let’s be real. You’ve got a husband who probably is less than perfect, even though you’re the bee’s knees, you’ve gotta cook his meals and clean the house, let’s not even talk about if kids are in the picture! Whoo! My blood pressure increased by 10 just typing about it LOL. With that said, you need some time to relax and unwind. That’s where Venta Airwasher comes in.

The Venta Airwasher works to purify your air and increase comfortableness in any environment, including your bedroom. When it’s time to go to bed, you can have clean, better breathable air with a whisper quiet machine. The Airwasher works in silence so that it doesn’t disturb you , or even babies, when you are resting! What better way to relax than to enjoy an optimal sleep haven?



You’re already tied up with 100 tasks on your to-do list every week! Number One : Looking and staying fabulously fabulous on the regular, and slaying the haters. LOL, no seriously. You don’t need any unnecessary clutter that you’re gonna have to clean up in your house. The Venta Airwasher helps you dramatically cut back on a lot of things. Here are just a few of examples of things you’d be able to ease up on.

Janky Air Quality Products: The Airwasher gets rid of the need to keep replacing poor quality air humidifiers, purifiers, and fresheners since they have top quality engineering (with green energy) that allows them to do all of these things AND LAST! Excessive Cold/Flu/Allergy Medications: Because the Airwasher helps to make your environment as healthy and germ free as possible, you probably won’t be getting sick as often! So, you can give the drugstore a rest and stop stocking up on your pills and cough syrup. Skin Care Products: I know, I know. How could you POSSIBLY not need 50 different face cleansers, masks and night creams if you’re gonna be the baddest wife on the block? I’m telling you that your skin will likely improve after a while of using an Airwasher. It helps restore the body’s natural moisture balance and rejuvenates from within! It’s like it provides organic anti-aging and you don’t even have to do anything!


Who couldn’t use a good detox every now and then? Whether it’s from the every anxieties of being a classy housewife, the never ending stress of a mother or just too many glasses of Moscato last night while watching your Oxygen marathons, YOU NEED IT! That’s where Venta’s signature aromatherapy comes in.

For eons, aromatherapy has been used for psychological and physiological well-being. Venta takes it a step further with their signature aromatherapy that spans several fragrances and benefits.

A few of the best-selling formulas include: “Refreshing” a zesty and fresh blend of orange scents, and is the perfect way to start your day, “Winter Dream” Combining notes of cinnamon and citrus for a warming effect, Winter Dream is the ideal fragrance for unwinding at the end of a long day, and “Eucalyptus” a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea makes this soothing fragrance the perfect choice for anyone looking for congestion relief.

Long story shorty : A Venta Airwasher would be very useful for any classy housewife and is definitely something you ought to consider purchasing on your next online splurge! Check out their website linked below and their social media.




**This article was not sponsored, however I am affiliated with Venta USA. All opinions are my own


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