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Theme Coordinated Party Desserts

You may not have the time or energy to be Martha Stewart, but you can sure make people think you are by using the design and colors of your party and adding it to your desserts and party dishes. I’m not talking about cutting carrots or radishes into roses; cutting designs from icing sheets will give you an equally impressive presentation with no skill and little time. You can either use the specific design chosen, and print out enough icing sheets to use the same design with all your food, or use color coordinating dots, stripes and other patterns that carry out the color scheme of the theme.

Child’s Party Idea

Let’s say you are throwing a child’s birthday party and the cake is decorated in pink, yellow and lavender. If you were to make brownies in an 8” x 8” square pan, you would take an 8-1/2” x 11” icing sheet printed with a pink background and yellow and lavender dots, cut it to 8” x8”and lay it right down on top of the fresh frosting. You could do the same thing with large cookies only you might want to stick the icing sheet to them with a little bit of apricot jam or piping gel. In fact, icing sheets come pre-cut in different circle sizes making it easier to have all the designs come out the same size and shape.

Food Platters

If you check your local craft store’s scrapbooking section, you will find all different types of punches. If you are having a spring or summer party, you could punch out flowers from icing sheets and place them randomly on the platters. For winter parties, you could cut out snowflakes; for fall parties, you could cut out leaves. Plus, icing sheets come in all different solid colors in both brights and pastels, so you could mix and match your colors.

You can even transform inexpensive silver platters into very festive platters by lining the bottom of the platter with a full size printed icing sheet. If you want to give a birthday person a real thrill, you could even print out his or her photo and incorporate that into the presentation by either scanning a photo into your computer or printing off your desktop.

If only the edge of the platter will show when covered with food, you could just trim the outside edge with a border cut from icing sheets. There are longer punches designed for this purpose. When you look for them, you will see that the design is shown alongside the actual punch. This allows you to do the first punch and then move the icing sheet over to let the design show through the cut areas, aligning the icing sheet perfectly to cut right where you left off. You just keep moving the icing sheet over, using the guide and you can cut the full length of the icing sheet. The sheets also come in legal size, so you can cut up to 14” long, if needed.

Icing sheets have just a slightly sweet taste, so they can blend in well with either sweet or savory foods. Why not try adding a festive touch to your next party with icing sheets.


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