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Extra Money Only a Click Away: Three Ways to Earn Money on the Internet

Being a stay at home mom is a lot harder than society gives you credit for. You are constantly juggling multiple obligations while straining to maintain family order. Motherhood requires patience, perseverance, and top notch organizational skills. These are attributes that employers actively seek. Here’s how to cash in without the unnecessary hassle of a long commute.

Blogging: 101

Are you an innovative yet persistent person that just needs an outlet? If so, blogging is for you. The social market of the internet is exploding. Cash in. People are seeking to connect with others that share their interests; blogs allow them to do this. By creating a blog you can design and control an online space that is dedicated to something that you are passionate about. No matter what the topic you choose, there is a paying market. Top bloggers can make thousands a month and get free swag from advertisers, but success doesn’t happen overnight.  Here are three tips to creating a successful blog:

1.       Use social media and word of mouth to drive traffic to your blog.

2.        Think of your blog as a product; make sure you are controlling its content.

3.       Blog frequently. Make sure your subscribers have lots of content to keep them coming back.

Online Customer Service: Calling Up Profits

Do you have reliable speedy internet access and a landline phone? If so, try being a customer service representative. This is a career where patience and the ability to soothe the irritated comes in handy. Don’t work for low paying assignments. Always verify companies before you participate. Check out their BBB standings and see if their employees are satisfied by checking out Glassdoor.com. Some other great places to look for these jobs are bidding sites like Odesk.comElance.com, and Freelancer.com. When using these sites be wary of three things.

1.       Don’t accept clients who want you to work off site. They are shady.

2.       Clients who prepay and/ or use verified payments are a better risk than others.

3.       When in doubt, always go with your gut.

Use Your Expertise and Go Viral: Get Paid

Do you have a degree in a sought after field? Don’t let it go to waste. Some occupations that are always looking for online help are: editors, human resources professionals including recruiters, IT professionals and medical professionals.  When going for a job in the virtual marketplace these three things are vital:

1.       Make sure your resume and portfolio are immaculate.

2.       Invest in Skype.

3.       Appear like a professional. Maintain a proper profile, portfolio, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace pages. Make sure your     voicemail messages and ringtones are inoffensive. Don’t let potential employers get a bad first impression.

Don’t be fooled there are plenty of online employment opportunities out there for stay at home moms. Use this article to consider your options. Then pick the best one for your needs. Good luck and happy hunting.


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