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Ladies – Do what YOU Love – Fun Careers for Women

When looking for a job, we women have a habit of looking for three specific things; schedule flexibility, acceptable pay, and overall happiness in the job we want. We also look for job security and the ability to help others. There are a number of jobs that allow us to have these or a combination of these desires in a job. These jobs are easy to gain education for and to find when the time is right. You should want to do what you love and finding fun careers for women are out there to be found.

Doing What you Love

As mentioned above are the factors or descriptions that most women want in their job. Each one is a specified factor that becoming the deciding factor on whether or not we take the job in the first place. With careful consideration and enough time, a woman can find a fun career that she will love doing what she does.

It has been said, “You will never have to work a day in your life, when you love what you do.”

Fun Careers for Women

There are a number of careers available to you that you will love to do and find fun with satisfaction in the careers listed below. These fun careers for women are not a complete list of careers that are available to you to look further into.

  • Pharmacist

In this career field of pharmacy, women are offered a pretty substantially high-paying career in this choice of a career. The median of income for a pharmacist was roughly $111,570 a year in 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor’s Statistics. Along with this high pay, pharmacists have a great deal of flexibility available to them in terms of the amount of time commitment they must give and the location in which a pharmacist can wore. As a pharmacist, a woman can choose to work in a number of settings; be it in retail, a hospital, or even from her own home business.

  • College Professor

With being a college professor or a post-secondary teacher, women have another career choice that is rewarding and fun; this job has been reported as number 1 for women by Forbes magazine. In being a college teacher, this means a higher income than what is average. The median of income in 2010 was $62,050. This career choice means working in a rewarding environment with some freedom where you can set your own hours and have a decent amount of time off to spend with family and friends.

  • Health Care Careers

There are a number of health care careers that offer some great financial and personal benefits for women that you may not get anywhere else. There are Nurses, Dental Hygienists, and Orthopedic Therapists that earn a decent salary and many of them have rated their job as being both rewarding and satisfying because they have the ability to help others. To become a Registered Nurse or Dental Hygienist all you have to do is earn an Associate’s Degree and pass an examination to be certified. Should you want to you can further your education and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

For those who want to be a physical therapist, you will need to complete a degree but only after you have earned an undergraduate degree. The median of salary for a Registered Nurse is $64,490. The median of salary that a Dental Hygienist can earn is $68,250. The median of salary that a physical therapist can earn is $76,310. These health care careers are the most fun of these fun careers for women that are listed here.

When you are looking for a job, you have to find what you know you will love to do each and every day that you do it. Fun careers for women are available everywhere and anywhere; just look for the one that you know you will love the most.


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