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3 Ways To Personalise Your Greeting Cards For Any Occasion

When you know someone’s birthday is coming up, you have a wedding to go to soon or any occasion is approaching for that matter; it is often harder to find that perfect card than it is to find the perfect gift. Most of us don’t have the time to browse through the shops looking for a card which has the perfect picture on the front and is accompanied by the perfect verse inside and for those of us that do have the time it’s hardly what we want to spend our days doing.

So why not save yourself the trouble, avoid the overcrowded shops and create your own card for any occasion in one of the following three ways.

Some Craft and Graft 

Making your own greeting card from scratch is probably something that most of us did as a child but wouldn’t consider doing now. However it can be a great way to create something uniquely personal and you’re craft skills have most likely improved from what they were when you were a child.

All you need is some card, crepe paper, glue and a bit of imagination. Oh, and glitter is a great way to add that finishing touch; however just be sure to put some newspaper down beforehand; unless you want to be finding glitter all over your house for weeks to come.

Alternatively, if the card is for a family member, you could get the children involved and help them make their very own cards for the occasion.

Customized Cards Online

There are now many online companies that allow you to go onto their site, chose a card that takes intrigues you and then customize it in a variety of different ways. This is always a great way to create a card to your exact specifications without having to go through the hassle of rummaging through the craft box and getting your hands dirty. You can add pictures of the recipient emblazon their name across the front of the card in the style of a newspaper headline or personalize it in many other ways.

These websites always have a wide range of cards so you’ll easily be able to find one for whatever celebration you need it for. Whereas you may struggle to find congratulations cards, retirement cards or cards to say thank you in the shops; there is sure to be plenty to choose from online and all from the comfort of your own home.

You can then have the completed card sent straight to the recipient or sent to you first so that you can include a hand written message.

The Card That Isn’t Really a Card –

If you truly are tired of always seeing the same sort of cards in the shops with the same jokes that weren’t funny five years ago, then why not try giving a greeting card that isn’t really a card? There are many ways this can be done and it will be something different that the recipient is unlikely to have received before; putting you high up in the gift giving stakes.

You can do this by either using a memorable photo as the card, and writing your message on the back of it, or using a handwritten letter or poem instead of a card. These could all be placed inside an envelope so that the person thinks it is just a normal card, but when they open it they will receive a pleasant and unusual surprise.


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