Hello everyone, I’m Psychic Medium, Sue Swank.

I plan on offering brief tarot card sessions (with photos, etc.), as well as other questions in general (please NO political-related questions), every Saturday, PLUS I will also post a new article twice a week for everyone to enjoy.

But first I wanted to share with you a brief background of myself.

I was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Virginia. I am a psychic medium, Empath, and a paranormal investigator, as well certified as a psychic detective.

I am also an author and a screenwriter.

My first encounter with a spirit was back when I was barely seven years old (which to this day, remains an unsolved murder) and my hobbies are photography (actually my previous career was professional photography) and cryptozoology.

Many of my clients come from all over, with different reasons from cold cases, connecting with their loved ones, general life questions, etc.

I have also written books on this topic, as well as have a site over on MeWe for my clients and fans.

I eagerly look forward to reading your questions. Please be sure to comment and I will make it a point to respond.

Be sure to check me out on MeWe: https://mewe.com/i/sueswank

Best always… Sue


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