4 Reasons You Should Do Friendsgiving This Year


Friendsgiving is like Thanksgiving, it’s a group of friends instead of family. It’s usually on the day before thanksgiving, and often is much less traditional and conservative. Instead of football on the the television, it’s something that you all actually want to watch. Instead of the same old cranberry sauce nobody actually likes, you can have a side of avocado. It’s all up to you. Be creative!

No Family Drama

You don’t have to worry about family drama happening at a Friendsgiving. Actually, it’s very likely that there won’t be any drama, since if you’re hosting, you make the guest list and if you’re invited to one, you can decide not to go without feeling guilty as sin. It’s just a group of friends, hanging out and doing what they want. Which usually involves more drinking than the traditional Thanksgiving with family.

You Can Drink!

Yeah, yeah, traditional Thanksgivings usually involve wine and maybe beer, but at a Friendsgiving, there’s typically hard liquor including whisky, tequila, and vodka. Have a friend mix drinks for the evening instead of bring a dish, or print out a bunch of drink recipes and have them handy for the dinner. Either way, by the end of the day, most guests will likely be very buzzed, so having a list of numbers of cabs would be a great addition to the Welcome sign.

No Awkward Pretense

You don’t have to worry about wearing that fancy shirt Grandma bought you last year for Christmas, or how you have to rub elbows with that weird cousin who somehow thinks its okay to bring up every bad break up you ever had to your new boyfriend. Instead of figuring out what you should be doing.. Helping mom in the kitchen, helping Dad keep people out from in front of the football game.. You can be with friends, being your loud, inappropriate selves.

It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

You can go all out and have a tablecloth and centerpiece, or you can just have paper plates and silverware with the potluck really being different types of take out. You don’t have to have a seating arrangement, you don’t even have to sit at the table. You don’t have to worry about who should be mingling with who, or anything else. These are your friends. They don’t judge, they’re just there to have a good time.


What’s your favorite part of Friendsgiving?


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