Ready for your Reunion?


As spring rolls into summer, many of us will be getting ready to attend our high school reunion. This event can give even the prom queen the cold sweats. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed. We all want to look great and put our best foot forward.

We all meant to get on the treadmill and work on getting rid of those few extra pounds. There is no better motivation to getting into shape than an impending reunion. Use this event as a reason to start that exercise routine. You might want to invest in a new piece of exercise equipment or one of the watch devices that tell you to get up and move. There are also apps that can help you track what you eat.

When you are a week or so from the big day, make a hair appointment. Remember how good you felt after getting ready for your prom?  Revisit that feeling by getting a great new cut or color. Pair your gorgeous hairdo with a new outfit and you will boost your confidence.

Now that you look great, what are you going to talk about? Think about how you want to describe your career. You will be asked this question often. You should already know how you want to answer it. Remember to bring some business cards with you too. These are a great way to keep in touch with your classmates.

Think of all of the other things you’ve accomplished since you last saw your friends in high school. There are many things you have to brag about from the marathon you ran to the charity you work with and of course, your amazing children or grandchildren.

Most of all, remember to just be yourself. No matter what box we were put into in high school, it was a long time ago. We‘ve all come a long way from those days. You don’t need to fabricate any part of your life. You just need to be you and be confident in who you are.

One last quick tip: give your old yearbooks a browse before you head out to your reunion. It will help put names to faces from the past. Everyone has changed since those days. You included. Now, take a deep breath and go have a good time.

Kiera Collins

Kiera is a writer, wife, mother, office manager, and home zoo keeper.

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