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7 Tips to Build Strong Relationships

The days of seeing peers everyday have ended and building quality adult relationships is a whole new game. Building valuable adult relationships is a hurdle, but absolutely provides a better quality of life. No matter what you are going through, it will be easier with a group of friends surrounding you. Here are a few tips that can help build the bridge to solidifying adult relationships of any kind.

1. Embrace the other person. This sounds silly, but as adults, how many people have openly told you that what you have to offer is great? As humans, we all desire acceptance. Finding something you like or admire about the other individual and verbalizing it is a fantastic way to start any relationship. It doesn’t have to be something profound, just don’t be afraid to approach a person and tell them what you appreciate.

2. Be a great listener. This means active listening. Pay attention and give honest open responses. Take the time to care. We all have busy lives, so the difference maker is someone that pays attention.

3. Reach out. There are a whole lot of ways in the social media era to tell someone that you are thinking of them. People want to be thought about. A simple text or direct message can truly impact an overwhelmed person that is not focusing on themselves. There are countless ways that this can make someone’s day a little brighter.

4. Make plans and show up. EVERYONE has obligations, but no one has ever invested in a flake. Giving someone your time means a lot. It shows that they are an important person to you and will most likely end up in reciprocation. Showing up is half the battle of building and maintaining relationships as an adult.

5. Be understanding. This reinforces that you fully accept someone. We all have shortcomings or different opinions at times. Truly building a relationship means that you are accepting the other individual even if you don’t necessarily agree on everything. Shoving opinions and disapproval in someone’s face has never resulted in a solid bond.

6. Reinforce the relationship. Let the other person know that they matter to you. It’s very easy to tell someone something that made you think of them. It also doesn’t hurt to throw out the occasional “I’m happy that you are in my life”. Once again, as adults how many times is this said? These are game changing words that can solidify relationships.

7. Always be honest. It is nearly impossible to build a relationship under a wall of deceit. Being honest doesn’t mean that you use your words abrasively or where they are not requested. It just means that you are fully yourself and are not keeping secrets from the other person. Just be open and kind.

Adult relationships are always tricky in the beginning. Building a foundation for a relationship can create an amazing human experience. Put in the time and be conscious of your fellow humans. The investment that you put into other people will pay off. 

Farrah Lee
Farrah Leehttp://fbleephoto.com
I grew up a military brat, so I am a tumbleweed with an eclectic personality. I have two amazing children and own a photography business in north Georgia. I want to empower humans and have a positive impact on mankind. Let's do this.


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