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10 Valentine’s Day Ideas to Keep You Excited All Day Long

Change up your normal Valentine’s Day routine by trying out these 15 different date ideas that are everything but traditional.

1. Make a hot date (at home). Even though you may spend lunch and dinner together everyday you could put a twist on things by planning out a dinner with an aphrodisiac theme and prepare it together.

2. Get the total relaxation treatment. Book a couples treatment at your local spa for Valentine’s day. If you plan it in the middle of the day by the time you get home, you will be extremely relaxed and ready for all the late-night fun you plan on having.

3. Give each other erotic massages. Take turns giving each other sensual rubdowns without wearing any clothes. Don’t feel restricted to just using your hands and make sure you get warming massage oil for an added sensation.

4. Dance all night. Maybe you’ve seen Dancing With the Stars a few times and secretly wished that you could be one of the many dancers twirling around. Test you and your partner’s skills by taking a couple dance classes before the big day and have a night out hitting up local dance clubs and showing off your footwork.

5. Have a wine tasting night in. Buy a few bottles of a variety of your favorite wines from all over the world and rate and review them. You will have fun tasting the different flavors and end up with a nice buzz to accompany your late night activities.

6. Relive your childhood. You remember being a kid and building your own fort and creating an imaginary world filled with all the things you will do when you’re an adult. Now that you’re an adult you can design an even more elaborate fort out of cushions, blankets and pillows and fill it full of treats like chocolates, wine, strawberries and more.

7. Give each other sneak previews. If you can’t spend the whole day with your significant other then send them a sexy picture every hour until you can see each other again. By the time you get to see each other you will be dying from anticipation.

8. Have a local vacation. There’s nothing more romantic than strawberries and champagne. Most hotels offer tons of Valentine’s Day deals that include lots of treats for couples. If you don’t have time to leave your city then you can book a romantic night at a local hotel and take advantage of all the specials they have going on for the day.

9. Play Three Things. Three things is a game where you each write three things you’ve never done but would like to try on separate pieces of paper. Fold the pieces of paper up and mark them with your initials and mix them up in a bowl. Take turns drawing out one piece of paper and do what it says. Make sure you both agree in advance to at least one thing a try.

10. Watch the sunrise. Almost every couple has seen a sunset together, but there is nothing more breathtaking than a sunrise. Even though you will have to work up earlier than usual it will definitely be worth it. You can always crawl back into bed and snuggle up together afterwards.

Every couple has their own personality that is unique to them, so why not do something different this year that fits you and expresses your love for each other? These unique Valentine’s Day ideas will have you and your partner trying out new, exciting things and experiencing a V-day you’ll never forget.

Megan Williams
Megan Williams
Megan is a freelance writer who spends her days writing, her nights playing with her puppy and her weekends taking photos of everything.


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