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Single Moms or Super Moms?

Single moms. The hardest working people in the world. All mothers have moments when they wonder how they’re going to get everything done. Some moms work and take care of their kids with the help of a partner, and still have struggles with time, finances, time.. Some moms stay home and take care of their kids and have the same struggles. When I have moments of “How am I going to do all of this?”, I think about single moms. The moms that work, take care of their kids, and take care of numerous other responsibilities all by themselves.

When I think of single moms, I feel that my problems are so much smaller than I originally thought. Yeah, I struggle getting work and school and parenting all done each day, but at least I don’t have to worry about the bills. My partner takes care of the finances, so I can stay home and focus on our child. I work from home for the joy of it, I don’t really make enough to pay bills. Then again, I typically only work for an hour or two a day. I take care of my own child, instead of having no choice but to put him in daycare, and I’m lucky enough to save the money from daycare and to be able to spend more time with my son. I have the luxury of being able to attend college without having to worry about having to stay up until 1 AM to get it all done because I’ve been at work all day.

Most single moms have to work outside of the home, sometimes two or three jobs. They have to sacrifice so much time with their children, and they even have to pay to sacrifice that time – daycare isn’t cheap. They have to make parenting decisions solely on their own. They have to take the full weight of parental responsibilities and consequences from all decisions that they make. They are absolutely outstanding.

If I knew how to make the costume, I’d dress up as my hero this Halloween – I’d be a single mom.


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