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The Little Things You Do That Make Your Man Jealous

No matter how secure you may think your guy is with himself or your relationship, there are still things that you may do that makes him want to go super macho and fight any guy that looks your way. It doesn’t mean that all guys are programmed to be jealous, they’re just hardwired to protect their partner and their family and defeat anyone else who poses a threat. Many women inadvertently add on to some of the jealous feelings their mate may be feeling. Here are a few things you may be doing that make your man jealous.

Laughing at other guy’s jokes but not his. If you hear a good joke you can’t help but laugh. But, if you laugh at another guy’s jokes more than you laugh at your mates he could end up feeling like you are more into them then your partner. Don’t be surprised if your normally good-natured partner starts acting a little annoyed.

Going “fangirl” over famous people. If your favorite celebrity of all time is Matthew Mcconaughey and all you can do is talk about how good looking he is every time you see a photo of him you may end up getting the cold-shoulder every now and then. Although you may think you’ll never meet him so there’s nothing to worry about your mate may feel like that’s what you are in to and start to feel inadequate. Reassure them that they are your number one choice by stating the things that they have that you love that Matthew Mcconaughey doesn’t have.

Going out with the girls. Even though you should make time for the girls and go out many guys wonder what exactly happens during a “girls night.” Odds are you will be approached by at least one guy and the thought of this could drive some men crazy. Keep his mind occupied while you’re having a girls night out by suggesting he have a boys night in or do something that he would enjoy on his own.

When you go to parties without him. If you were invited to a party and want to go by yourself your partner may end up feeling slighted. They may feel like you don’t want them to be a part of the fun moments in your life. Make them feel better about you going solo by not playing it up to be more important than the time you two spend together. Let them know that even though you will be apart you will be thinking about them.

Having a male best friend. No matter how much they may say that they’re okay with you having a male best friend it most likely isn’t the full truth. They may deal with it but that doesn’t mean they’re happy with it. Even if you’re strictly friends you should always be aware of any situations that you put yourself in that may not look good.

The only reason you don’t see a fight breaking out every time a man catches another man looking at or trying to talk to his mate is because over the years most of them have learned to suppress those basic instincts. But, just because they know how to suppress them doesn’t mean you should do anything to add to any jealous emotions they may be feeling. By altering the little things you do that may make him jealous you’ll experience a better atmosphere for both you and your mate. That doesn’t mean you should give up the things that make you happy but when you’re in a relationship it’s all about compromise.

Megan Williams
Megan Williams
Megan is a freelance writer who spends her days writing, her nights playing with her puppy and her weekends taking photos of everything.


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