5 Romantic Date Ideas at Home to Improve your Marriage

Romantic Date Ideas at Home

So you are having problems with your marriage? Hoping a romantic date will set you back on track, but you can’t afford it. Don’t sweat, there are many things you can do at home that are not only romantic but can help improve your marriage.  Sometimes it is not always about the grand gestures, but the things we do that are simple and unique with our spouse that can bring us joy. Here are five romantic date ideas at home that will help improve the things that may be lacking in your marriage. 

Let’s learn to problem solve

It seems now, more than ever, marriages are failing because couples do not know how to solve problems effectively. One of the best things for a marriage is learning how to work together, and cooperate to complete a goal, and what better way than working on a puzzle.  Take a night off from the television and excessive text messaging and participate in this romantic date idea at home. First, have a nice quiet dinner at home and enjoy each other’s company. Then for dessert pop open your favorite bottle of wine, eat some ice cream, and work on building a 500 or a 1000 piece puzzle collectively. A puzzle can teach you and your spouse to stratigize and cooperate with one another while having a laugh or two. 

Movie marathon anyone?

As children, one of our favorite pastimes was to watch movies and build forts. As adults we want to feel close, both emotionally and physically. What better way to incorporate these two ideals than a movie or television marathon with your loved one. So pick a day that works for the both of you and get busy building your fort together around the television screen. Try to make it as romantic as possible, so don’t forget to add lights, fake flowers (real ones are nice too!)  and a ton of pillows to the sheeted atmosphere. Pop in the movie or show you both agreed upon, cook up some popcorn and relax for the evening. This may only be a small gesture but the fact you both took a substantial amount of time out of the day to participate will surely bring a smile to you both. 

Did someone say camping?

What better way to really spend some quality time together than by doing it in nature. There are a couple of ways you and your spouse can camp at home. If you have a tent to pitch in your backyard, this is the easiest, but if not there are some other alternatives. If you have a flat bed truck get a bunch of pillows and blankets and make your own version of a bed or you can sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag underneath the stars. Start off your evening by making hotdogs over a campfire. This would be the perfect time for stories you want to tell each other or cracking jokes. To finish off have a cup of coffee or tea together while enjoying some smores and gazing up at the stars before retiring in your tent, truck bed, or sleeping bag. To complete this romantic date idea at home, in the morning be sure to have morning coffee together out on your porch or deck. 

It’s fun night!

One of the foundations to a good marriage is the friendship you have between you and your spouse.

So if you want to improve your marriage, you have to work on re-establishing the friendship between you. One way to do this is to have an appetizer, wine/beer and game night. Yes you heard me game night. One of the best ways to bring back your friendship is by having fun together. So set aside a Friday or Saturday night and make sure to turn off the cell phones. A few days prior you should have decided on the appetizers you will be making together (it’s more fun if you make them rather than buy them).  Not good at cooking or don’t know how to make appetizers? Pinterest or the Foodnetwork website are chalk full of ideas and come with easy to follow instructions. During this time discuss all the past times you’ve shared together to bring back those old feelings. Once that is complete you can take your wine and food to the table or living room and play your favorite board games together. Prefer something a little more modern? If you have a WII or Xbox system there are many great games couples can play together such as WII bowling or Xbox One volleyball.  You’ll spend the night laughing and having fun together. 

Wanna go on a date?

Do you find yourself often thinking back to the first time you met your spouse? Do you often relive that memory of the first date you two had over and over again? It seems one of the reasons marriages tend to lose their romance and infatuation seems to be lack of appreciation and communication. As marriages push on further and further, couples seem to get into a comfortable routine with each other and forget marriage takes effort. What better way to bring appreciation and communication back than revisiting your first date? First pick a time in the week you would like to go on your “date” and stick to it. Nothing kills romance than one of you having to cancel for some silly reason.  Decide the meal you will be making together (yes together) whether it is recreating the first date meal, or making a meal that is special it is important to decide this together. On the night of your date, get dressed up by putting on that suit and dress you wore. If you got your spouse flowers make sure to pick up some on the way home. 

There you have it the top five romantic date ideas at home that can help you to improve your marriage. So whether you chose one of these particular options or invent one of your own there are many things one can do to improve their marriage from home. As a side note, it is important to remember romantic gestures will always mean something different to each and every person. To people in their twenties, it could be filling the home with flowers and having a candlelight dinner or for older people it may just be putting popcorn in the microwave and sitting out on the porch to watch the stars. Keeping romance alive means having an understanding, a friendship, communication and appreciation for one another. With working on these simple things like friendship, you will be unable to improve the marriage. Regardless of your idea of romance it is all about the small things you do together at home.


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