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8 Creative Save the Date Ideas You Will Love

Save the date cards are a cute and creative way to announce the date of your wedding. As you can send them off as soon as your wedding day is set, they feature a big advantage over formal invitations: While the latter usually contain more detailed information about your wedding day and therefore take more time to be prepared, save the dates are an early request for your guests to mark their calendars. Hence, they will have enough time to keep the day clear of anything that might prevent them from attending your wedding. Being only predecessors of official invitations, save the date cards can be less formal. Actually, you can get very creative with designing your personal save the dates. It is up to you whether you want them to fit your wedding theme, a joint hobby or anything else that comes to your mind. If you choose a particular design simply because you love it, that’s just as fine as well.

The following 8 inspirations will illustrate how creative you can really get with your save the dates.




Are you and your fiancé booklovers? Or do you know if your guests are? If so, you might consider a pretty and useful save the date bookmark that your guests won’t toss away after your wedding, but actually use it. Each time they will open their books, they will be reminded of you and your wedding.


2. Message in a Bottle


This mini message in a bottle is a unique way to announce your wedding. You don’t necessarily have to celebrate a beach themed wedding to use this inspiration. It would fit, though.


3. Crossword Puzzles


A crossword puzzle with questions about the bride and groom is certainly fun for your guests. How much do they know about you?


4. Clothespins


Above all, clothespins are convenient. You can create them easily, your guests are able to pin them on their calendars and even use them after your wedding.


5. Coasters


Have your save the date text printed on coasters…


6. Balloons


…or even on balloons!


7. Tags


Making your guests a present is a nice way to express your appreciaton. Inexpensive but still valued gifts are jars of jelly, homemade cookies, sugar scrub or little potted plants. Save the date tags can attached to any gift.


8. Puzzles


This is another save the date idea that encourages your guests to get active. First, they have to put together the puzzle in order to read your message.


Feel free to personalize these ideas to meet your needs and to represent your individual style. However, keep in mind that save the dates are not your official wedding invitations. If you are on a tight budget, it could be beneficial to set aside money for your formal invitations to check how much you can spend on your save the dates.


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