Communication. What is a relationship without it? Not a very good one to say the least. Love. What is the true meaning of love? The words that are written on greeting cards, or the fairy tales that we hear when we are little girls dreaming of a prince picking us up on his horse and taking us to his castle to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, love is not a fairy tale. It is something that you have to work at every day for the rest of your life.

Communication is the key for any type of relationship to work. Without it, love means nothing. If a couple is together for just the physical aspect of it, the relationship will have what is called the honeymoon period and then fall apart once the real “work” comes into play. Most say that relationships are built on trust, love, and communication. Without all three, the relationship is doomed to fail. Communicating with the other person is being able tell the person what is wrong without being afraid that he or she will not understand or will leave you for not being “strong.” The truth about the fantasy that love is a magical thing and we all live happily ever after, is just that, a fantasy. Is it even fair to teach our children that love is a fairy tale and that all of their dreams will come true? It can be a huge let down when they grow older believing that the world is like a fairy tale.

Love is a beautiful thing for those who share it with someone. Believing that there is someone out there for everyone, keeps people wanting to continue looking for the Mr. Perfect, or the Mrs. Perfect. That person does not exist. The type of person that does exist, is the person that has their flaws, as we all do, but whose partner doesn’t even look at them as flaws anymore. They look at them as a unique quality that makes that person special. Love really does make a person blind to what others see as a flaw or an unappealing attribute.

Communication and love make for the ideal relationship. People should not go into a relationship believing that it is a fairy tale and that there is going to be no work involved. Love and communication take time and patience. In the long run, patience and persistence can either pay off to where you have found your “soulmate,”  or can backfire and be one of the worst experiences of your life. Love is a risk that you have to be willing to take and either be all in or all out. There is no halfway point.

By Heather Wishart


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