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Three Simple Tips to Add the Heat Back into Your Marriage

Running a successful marriage is like keeping up a car; it’s all in the maintenance. If you take your marriage for granted, you and your partner will lose interest in each other. You will start concentrating on everything else and eventually you will forget what it felt like to have a meaningful connection. This distance will eventually affect every aspect of your relationship including your sex life. Sex is an important aspect of a healthy relationship and it should be hot. Without sex, most marriages wither into dust. Don’t let that happen to your relationship. Never let your marriage become a routine. Instead implement these three tips.

Get Your Best Friend Back!

Your husband is not your roommate; he’s your partner. You both should be tuned in too each other’s needs. Strong marriages are aware marriages. If you don’t feel like you can talk to him anymore, here’s what you do. Tell him how you feel. Being able to confide and rely on your husband is important. First of all, it makes him feel indispensable. Men want to feel like they are your protector. By sharing your concerns with him, it proves to him that his opinion still matters to you. He may even open up to you as well. This will bring the intimacy back into your union. There’s enough division in the world today, so don’t add to it by being distant with your own husband. You both deserve your best friend back.

Splitting Chores: The Best Foreplay

Regardless of whether you work outside of the house or not, keeping house is hard work. Moms constantly have to juggle dozens of responsibilities. Despite all their efforts, wives are routinely underappreciated. This leads to resentment which hampers lust. This problem can be easily remedied. Worrying about laundry is not sexy but sharing responsibilities is. Husbands, show your wives that you still care. Help out around the house because real men always pull their weight. Husbands may complain that they are missing out on couple time but they hold the keys to the castle. Partners who share household chores have more sex and have happier partnerships. This is because it lessens the load that mothers have to bear which gives them time to think about their desires.

Expand Your Sexual Boundaries

Remember how a certain book about a red room took the world by storm. That was because it pushed people’s boundaries. Exploring new things can be very exciting. I’m not saying you have to let your inner freak completely out of its cage, but there are more flavors out there than plain old vanilla. Go on try a few new things. But, first make sure both partners are comfortable. Remember when you are trying new things out in the bedroom, take things slow. Sex is all about recreation so grab your partner and enjoy.

By Melissa Cooke


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