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The “O” Shot Heard Around the World!

The O Shot restores healthy sexual function and satisfaction for women!

The “O” Shot Heard Around the World!

Modern women have won the revolution with the “shot heard ’round the world.” This would be the O-Shot, an innovative treatment that was created to jumpstart declining or non-existent female sexual function. By taking a patient’s own blood, extracting the platelet-rich plasma and injecting the magic potion directly into the vagina, sexual performance can be renewed.

What is the O Shot?

Charles Runels, MD, a former internist and ER doctor, and creator the Vampire Facial (made famous by Kim Kardashian) expanded his idea and came up with the O-Shot, based on the same principles. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) stimulates new cell growth, hence, it has the potential to restore function wherever is it is injected. PRP stimulates the production of fresh cells in the vagina and clitoris. The body utilizes the newly transplanted platelets to generate tissue naturally. This process not only multiplies the cell number, it increases sensitivity to genital stimulation.

How did the Idea of PRP for Vaginal Rejuvenation Begin?

Runels’ inspiration stemmed from the vast array of male enhancement products and treatments for erectile dysfunction. The sheer volume of ads concerning erection boosters like Viagra, Cialis or penile extenders for men suggests that women are much ignored in the area.  This is where Dr. Runels’ approach comes in. Since it is estimated that over 40 percent of women in the U.S. cannot achieve an orgasm, Dr. Runels picked up on the flagrant void when it came to the topic of sexual dysfunction in women.

How Does the O Shot Work?

About a half tablespoon of blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a centrifuge. Here, the sample is spun to separate the components and isolate the PRP. Vaginal mapping is conducted to determine the ideal location to inject the PRP for maximum results. This process involves asking the women which genital areas are most sensitive, so the doctor can apply a numbing cream. While the procedure will set you back between $1,200 and $1,500, and by no means will any insurance carrier consider it a medically necessary treatment, it may improve the quality of your life if you can swing the expense. The volumizing effect of the injection is immediate and lasts for about a week. However, the real jackpot comes over the course of several months as the plasma stimulates stem cells, blood vessels and collagen growth. This effect continues for a minimum of 18 months with no reported side effects.

So, what are the potential benefits:
• More frequent and more powerful orgasms
• A rise in sexual desire
• Improved clitoral stimulation
• A tighter vagina
• A natural way to counter stress incontinence, without drugs or surgery
• A closer relationship with your partner

Although there are clearly several advantages to pursuing PRP treatment, the issue for many women is the price. The procedure can be expensive, this not a luxury accessible to all.  Additionally, there may be some discomfort during the procedure and the results may not be instant. What do you think? For an opportunity to get your groove back, does the end justify the means?

Toni Delgado-Green
Toni Delgado-Green
Toni has been writing freelance web content and blogs for about five years. With a BA in English, and over two decades of experience in business, print and media writing, desktop publishing, and graphic design, Toni slowly gravitated to working independently. She dabbles across topics and enjoys learning and sharing through wordsmithing. Toni is the mother of an academic rock star and two beloved fur babies. But that is not all, she’s also a lifetime health and fitness enthusiast, a gym rat, a marathon and ultra-marathon runner, a music lover, and an artist. She does her best writing on topics that truly inspire, are faith driven and will potentially, change lives. “We are all put here to offer a piece of ourselves, and everyone has something good to give.”


  1. We were trained by Dr. Runels and offer the procedure in our office. The information above is accurate, however we draw about a tablespoon of blood and mapping in not necessary. The procedure is quick and comfortable. The results are amazing and can help with stress incontinence, dryness and painful intercourse. It does in fact enhance the frequency and intensity of orgasms.


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