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The Top Secrets Every Couple Should Know in Order to Have Amazing Sex

We all know one of the most important foundations to a happy relationship is a great sex life. But, at some point many couples find themselves either not having as much sex as they used to or the sex they do have doesn’t have the same sizzle it used to. If you find your relationships’ sex life starting to take a turn for the worse here are few of the top ways the most successful couples make sure they always have amazing sex.

Actually have sex. Good sex leads to more good sex. As a couple you are guaranteed to encounter those times when your partner will want to have sex but you won’t. Instead of saying you don’t feel like it ask them to spend some time on foreplay in order to get you in the mood.

Never make fun of your partner’s sexual desires. Sex is an incredibly sensitive subject for many people. If your partner opens up to you and tells you they want to experiment or try something different listen to them and express how you feel. Without making them feel embarrassed for opening up to you.

Tell your partner what turns you on. If a certain position may feel weird or awkward to you let your partner know. If a position feels good or you want to try something that you think may feel good DEFINITELY let your partner know. It will make them happy knowing that they are pleasing you and you will feel amazing as well.

Don’t forget about masturbation. Even if you’re having sex regularly sometimes the best sex at that moment is solo sex. Give yourself and your partner the privacy to masturbate or experiment. Some people are extremely nervous to bring new things into the bedroom like toys, nipple clamps, etc. Being able to try these things out on your own and figuring out if you enjoy it can help loosen you up and make it easier to bring it up with your partner.

Always have sex on vacation. The whole point of a vacation is being able to get away from everything else and relax. What better way to relax than having sex with someone you’re madly in love with?

Be spontaneous. If you feel like the amount of sessions you normally have has gone down then jump into the shower with your partner and get it on. The surprise of you wanting to have sex in the shower will not only thrill them but keep them smiling all day long.

Spice it up with lingerie. Even though your lingerie will end up scattered around the room you should treat yourself and your partner to some sexy lingerie every now and then. Men are extremely visual creatures and even though they may have seen your naked body hundreds of times they’ve never seen you in that sexy Agent Provocateur piece. Turn him on even more by modeling it for him.

Don’t wait until bedtime to have sex. Many people go through their day taking care of the major things like work, the kids, bills, etc and by the end of the day they’re too tired to really dedicate to sex. Start your day off with a good session and you will find that your day will go a lot smoother, you’ll be more relaxed and the little things won’t stress you out near as much.

Every couple is different. Some like having sex with their partners every day while others are okay with 1-2x a week. No matter what your habits are these tips can help keep your sexual relationship going strong.

Megan Williams
Megan Williams
Megan is a freelance writer who spends her days writing, her nights playing with her puppy and her weekends taking photos of everything.


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