The Truth About Your Sex Drive


Do you ever wonder if your sex drive is too high? Or too low? Or maybe it’s just right. Your libido, also known as your sex drive, can vary immensely from person to person and even from partner to partner. While there are tons of stereotypes out there like the thought that all teenagers have raging hormones and are ready to just shag anything, sex drive is very unique for every individual.

How to Tell if Your Sex Drive is Normal

A person’s desire to have sex can fluctuate from day to day so how can you tell what’s normal and when something may be a little out of place? And if something is wrong, how do you fix it? Well, it all starts with a baseline. When it comes to libido you can’t really describe what a normal libido is. For one person it could be normal to want to have sex once a day, while it is normal for someone else to want to have sex once a week. The moments that it is time for you to be concerned is when there is a significant change in your normal, individual desires to have sex.

How to Improve Your Sex Drive

If you feel like your libido has changed noticeable the first thing to do is ask questions. If you are too embarrassed to ask your friends what they think then ask your doctor, it’s what they’re do for. Remember they’ve seen and heard pretty much everything so no question is a stupid question. But, before running off to the doctor ask yourself a few questions first like;

  • Are you in a new relationship?
  • If so, how does your partner feel about your sex drive?
  • How is your sex life with your partner?
  • Are you two in or out of sync?

If both of you are completely fine with your sex drive then the chances are that your libido is perfectly fine. If you feel like it’s too low and you want to take matters into your own hands then have fun experimenting. A great place to start is by masturbating or doing a little role playing to get the party started. Be adventurous and take your sex life outside of the bedroom or stay in the bedroom and bring in some foods that can spice things up. You can also set up a schedule. While scheduled sex can sound like the complete opposite of adventurous and fun it can be a great way to get you into the mindset of having sex and remove any anxiety you may feel. If you are still concerned then it could be time to seek professional advice.

Things That Positively Affect Your Sex Drive

  • Relationship status
  • Age
  • Hormones
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Exercise
  • Certain Foods

Things That Negatively Affect Your Sex Drive

  • Stress
  • Relationship status
  • Age
  • Certain Foods
  • Medication
  • Illness
  • Psychological issues
  • Hormones

As you can see a lot of factors that negatively affect your sex drive can also positively affect your sex drive depending on a variety of other things. If you are single you are less likely to be having sex quite as often but your desire to have sex could increase. If you are in a relationship you are more likely to be having sex more than if you were single but relationship issues like fights and different sex drives could end up decreasing your desire to have sex. Age is also an area that can both positively and negatively affect your libido. Those who are younger usually have a higher sex drive than those who are older. Hormones, like age and relationship status, can negatively and positively affect your sex drive as well. During puberty that influx of hormones is what triggers initial sexual desires and as you age you can experience a range of hormonal changes that can directly affect how little or how much you want to have sex.

Get rid of all your ideas about what a “normal” or “healthy” sex drive is. It is completely personal. No two people are alike so why would everyone’s libido be the same? The only time that it should be a problem is if it is causing you or your partner distress and affecting your day-to-day life. If none of these apply then get out there and start living your life with a sex drive that is perfect for you.


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