Warning Signs that it’s Time to Move on


By: Farrah Lee

Women by nature, me included, tend to overthink everything. There is a concrete difference between what actually is there, and what we are hoping to be there. I feel like many of us give far too much of ourselves to try to make things work, when we need to put ourselves first. Life is a rollercoaster, that you are constructing, and I personally choose to live on the incline and have less drops. Here are some solid signs that it is time to move on from your current situation (including relationship and jobs alike) and get back to the enjoyment of life.

1. Your gut instinct tells you to – Your instincts are there for a reason. They help us evade damage whether it’s physical or emotional. If something is constantly nagging at you, stop avoiding confronting it. Trusting your true internal compass will always lead you to a better space.

2. What you sacrifice is greater than what you gain – I am a giver by nature, so this is always difficult for me. Take note of the reciprocation. If you are type A, make a list, and truly evaluate the gains and the sacrifices. If you currently have to give up on opportunities or priorities that are important to you, reconsidering your current situation is absolutely in order.

3. Your self-worth is effected – Is what you are doing in the present making you feel less great? Have you started to doubt yourself in ways that you had not before? I agree that putting yourself in new situations is difficult, and you shouldn’t runaway from a challenge, but if you have tried and are losing faith in abilities that you have proven to have, this is an issue. Never lose faith in your skills or greatness. We all need to learn to be our own cheerleader.

4. Your physical or emotional health has declined – I’ve been through relationships and jobs that have caused me intense anxiety. Not being able to feel like yourself or manage your stress will end up eating at you. There is no job or relationship that is worth a decline in your health. Take notice of changes to your mind and body and take care of yourself.

5. If you have reached out with your concerns, and nothing changed – Speaking out is very important before deciding to move on. Give the person or employer an opportunity to change. If there is no action after you address the problems, it’s simply not worth it.

6. You can visualize a better life – Being able to imagine your life better is a huge step in knowing that you can move on. Think about where you are compared to where you want to be. Set attainable goals, and make moves in the direction that will make you feel great.

Saying goodbye is always hard. However, life is a gift and far too short to put your time and energy into something that will not lead you to happiness. Start putting yourself first, and with action, the rest of the pieces will fall into place.