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Revelations from a Recovered ED Survivor

I was watching some melodramatic high-school based Hulu show tonight, and the music, for some reason, took me back. The situations the characters were in took me back, and my mindless jabbering through shows brought me to some honest revelations and memories that I had basically blacked out.

Suffering from an Irregular Thyroid? There’s Help

You can protect yourself by implementing better foods into your diet. Fried foods in excess, carcinogenic containing foods or meds along with a large consumption of certain dairy products can cause your thyroid undo grief.

Walk It Out! – Key to Longer Health

Make no mistake, all that talk about the walk is real. Walking daily is excellent for one’s overall health. Walking improves heart and pulmonary...

The Growing Thyroid Epidemic

Thyroid problems are at the top of today’s health concerns and for good reason. So many people are inexplicably developing Hypo- or Hyperthyroidism-related issues...

Simplifying Health Language

So, let’s talk an easier language when it comes to fitness and health. Let's speak in a dialect we can all understand. Everyone wants...

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