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Tips to Help you Master Your Base Makeup

It’s all about that base. Are you having trouble with your foundation sitting correctly? Is your foundation looking thick or coming off halfway through the day? NOT ANYMORE! These makeup tips will help you skip out on the orange, cakey, creasing makeup looks that I used to rock daily. By the end of this article, you will be sporting flawless face makeup that will make you look like an expert. Sometimes, just a couple small tweaks can change the game.  

Wash your Face First

Before applying any makeup, wash your face with your normal cleanser and use an exfoliating cleanser 2-3 times per week if you have normal or combination skin, and once a week if you have sensitive skin. Be careful of over exfoliating as it can lead to skin irritation and accelerated aging. After your face is squeaky clean, remember to moisturize. There is a difference between moisturized skin, and oily skin. Even if you have oil prone skin, use a good moisturizer.

It’s a Crime, Not to Prime

After moisturizing and giving your face a second to breathe, it’s time to prime. A good primer can make a huge difference in how your foundation looks throughout the day. Pay attention to the ingredients of your primer as well. If you use a silicone based primer, with a water based foundation, or vice versa, you may run into some trouble. If your foundation is silicone based, always use a silicone based primer as well. Some ways that you can tell if your products are silicone or water based are by 1. looking at the ingredients. Water will be towards the top of most products listed ingredients, but just because water is one of the main ingredients, does not mean that the product is water based. If your product is silicone based you should see words that contain cone-methicone, or -siloxane, near the top of the ingredients list. Another way to tell what base your products have is simply by feeling them. Water based products are usually more on the thin side and are liquid-y. Silicone based products will be thicker and will almost feel like silk. They can leave your skin feeling smoother and have an almost “slippery” feel to them. I highly recommend silicone based primers to those who have larger pores or even wrinkles, as the silicone ingredients help fill those in.

Use the Right Shade of Foundation

The next step is to make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone. In the early 2000s, my high school was FILLED with orange faced girls with pale bodies. Including me. It was not cute. When matching your foundation, always match it with the skin tone of your neck. This will ensure that your face, and you neck match and we don’t end up with the Donald Trump look. A seamless blend from face to neck is essential in making it look like you are a pro at makeup, without actually having to be.

Conceal, Don’t Feel

Moving on to concealer. Concealer is a product similar to foundation, but usually with more coverage. Place a few diagonal lines under your eyes and blend with a sponge, or your fingers, no shade here, to brighten your under eye area and conceal any dark circles or fine lines. Brightening up your under eye area will make you look more awake and alert, and will also give your face some dimension back, as foundation’s job is to make sure that the skin is all one even shade.

Use Powder Cautiously

Powder can make you, or break you. Translucent powder is an excellent way to set your cream or liquid products, and make sure that they stay put all day. Tread lightly though, because too much powder can result in a thick or “cakey” look, and no one wants that. Lightly dust powder all over your face, you can always go back and add more, but using too much is not such an easy fix. A light dusting all over might be all that you need, but if you get oily throughout the day, add another light layer to just those areas. Make sure when using powder that you only use powder ON TOP of the liquid or cream products. Using creams on top of powder can result in a clumpy mess.  

There you have it. A good base makes a world of difference. Putting makeup on a dry, textured, or oily face never works out the way we hoped it would. Isn’t makeup supposed to make us more confident and feel beautiful? Well now it can. Leave your makeup tips in the comments and save an orange faced girl TODAY!

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